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Optimizing the wealth consumer engagement journey

In this series, we will explore how wealth managers can improve client experiences and develop lasting relationships

Our bold vision for wealth management focuses on modernizing and digitally transforming the end-to-end value chain to drastically improve performance, scale, and the ability to serve clients more effectively. This journey begins with understanding changes in a client’s needs and equipping the organization—which, in turn, equips the advisor—with the tools to meet them.

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Engagement Journey

Wealth Consumer Journey

1. Entice

What the client needs?
Help me understand my options for building my wealth

What the advisor needs?
Enable me access rich insights and help me feel confident so I am show new clients that I’m relevant

2. Buy

What the client needs?
Show me why I should trust you and prove you can give me a seamless experience

What the advisor needs?
Equip me with tools to create a seamless client experience

3. Serve

What the client needs?
Provide me with customized advice when I need it and make me feel like you care

What the advisor needs?
Help me feel smart, professional, and supported so that I excel at engaging and serving my clients

4. Engage

What the client needs?
Engage me with meaningful recommendations that evolve as my needs change and grow

What the advisor needs?
Empower me to grow my business, build relationships, and enable my learning journey


Kendra Thompson


National Wealth Management & Advice Leader
Hwan Kim


National Open Banking Leader
Luca De Blasis


Shaun Goffenberg


Shannon Fernandes



Key Contact:

Head of Operations, Wealth Transformation