The future of sustainable real estate is smart

How to convert decarbonization and net-zero challenges into new and profitable opportunities

Climate change is a critical issue for the real estate sector, which contributes nearly 40% of global carbon emissions. Climate risk is also an opportunity to create solutions that enhance operational efficiency, generate new revenue, and improve returns and asset values at the same time they reduce environmental impact. In this report, we explore the increasing pressure from stakeholders to mitigate the effects of buildings on climate change, rising alignment of better ESG performance with higher asset returns and valuation, the benefits of smarter green buildings, and actions that real estate companies can take to chart a profitable and revenue-accretive path across the real estate life cycle.

With increased stakeholder pressure and rising construction costs, a do-nothing or wait-and-see approach is not an option. The later a company adopts smart technologies, the higher the costs and the greater its risk of obsolescence.

We cannot solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s thinking. Despite the preference to choose when we’re ready to change, particularly as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic’s fallout on the industry, now is the time to adopt an innovative approach to drive profitability and carbon neutrality.

Download the article to explore our in-depth perspective on the future of sustainable real estate.

Explore our in-depth perspective on the future of sustainable real estate
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