Unleashing human potential

Inclusion and diversity: why and how

The talent landscape has transformed. It demands a value-centered approach to unleashing human potential, driving business results.

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Deloitte’s Inclusion & Diversity Practice

In many organizations today, there is a shift in focus from the objective to employ diverse people to creating an inclusive culture as a lever to drive higher growth and increase innovation, in addition to attracting and retaining the best talent. Today, an inclusive culture is a source of opportunity, enrichment and new thinking that will offer the greatest value to your organization—and where both leaders and employees can thrive. Deloitte’s Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) practitioners have extensive experience in building, implementing and identifying I&D initiatives on what and where to focus to maximize I&D impact on business performance.

We have four key service offerings which can be tailored based on the unique needs of your organization:

  • Inclusion & diversity strategy
    A traditional consulting engagement that includes a complete assessment of current state, development of a multi-dimensional strategy, implementing solutions and then evaluating based on key measurements.
  • Data analytics
    Utilize hiring, headcount, turnover, compensation and performance metrics to make informed decisions. The Tableau tool can segment data by service line, level and other dimensions of diversity obtain a pulse on progress.
  • Inclusion Lab
    High-impact, one-day innovative session to identify business goals, challenges and leverage innovative brainstorming techniques, leading practices and subject matter experts to develop solutions and an action plan in our state of the art Lab.
  • Unconscious bias & diversity of thought
    Sharpen unconscious bias detectors through training, self-reflection and interactive group exercises. Deep dive on key moments in the talent and client lifecycle to identify where bias occurs and how to disrupt it in practical and meaningful ways. And leverage our new Diversity of Thought model to increase the collective IQ of your teams and make better decisions together.
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