The Intelligence Revolution

Future-proofing Canada’s workforce

Over the next decade, the future of work will be shaped by a completely new force: the “Intelligence Revolution”. It will be driven not by incremental automation in manufacturing processes but by exponential change based on machine learning, virtually free data storage and communication, and ever-increasing computational power that rivals some human capabilities.

These developments will change what a job means, affecting the work we do and how we do it. The report introduces a series of new work archetypes based on the future-proofed capabilities we believe Canadians will need to succeed. It also includes recommendations for business executives, government leaders, business, and workers themselves that we believe must be implemented to put Canada on the path to success.

New workforce archetypes

To move past the frustrating debate about which jobs might be lost to technology or how many employees may be displaced, we decided to concretely help Canadians prepare for the future of work. We identified the most critical capabilities workers will need to succeed, which we consider future-proofed capabilities. We then grouped these into eight work archetypes, each of which comprises several of these key capabilities:

The Protector provides the human element machines cannot deliver, demonstrating qualities like empathy and judgment, especially in stressful situations when trust is critical.
The Innovator is an idea-generator who can think creatively, thrive in ambiguity, and operate in rapidly evolving environments by anticipating problems.
The Influencer demonstrates the broad leadership capacity to inspire others, drive innovation, and challenge the status quo in the face of disruptive change.
The Integrator connects systems and people to create competitive advantage. As technological disruption causes work to become more fragmented, Integrators will be needed to bring together new combinations of machines and people in ways that engage employees and deliver business results.
The Scorekeeper develops and implements organizational controls, including policies, rules, and standards that guide people and, increasingly, machines. Scorekeepers will help orchestrate the controls to ensure the workforce aligns with organizational goals.
The Performer is a master of creative expression in all forms, using new technologies to deliver entertainment in more innovative and accessible ways.
The Builder implements the systems, programs, and processes to create both physical and virtual assets. Builders will be needed for the immense task of integrating AI and robotics into a cohesive workforce operating side-by-side with people.
The Curator designs and delivers highly tailored, customer-centric experiences. Curators will be essential to entrepreneurs and startups, helping them evaluate markets, understand customers, and develop products and services people want.

The future of work begins now.

Read our report, The Intelligence Revolution, to learn how Canadians can thrive in this new world of work.

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