Transformational change

To improve workforce performance across the enterprise, HR leaders must extend their traditional roles and build new capabilities.

Most leaders understand that change—from introducing new systems, technologies or business models to creating new organizations from mergers or acquisitions—is critical to survival. The good news is, many organizations already focus on getting their change programs right by investing in systems and processes.

But as change increases in scale and complexity, organizations are under greater pressure to ensure that the human side of the equation gets equal attention. To achieve this aim when implementing change, you need to determine how well your organization considers the people impacts, clearly communicates its goals, encourages executives to lead by example, provides its people with the skills to adapt and adopts specialized change management processes and staff.

If you are implementing large-scale transformations, Deloitte can help you focus on the people aspect of change by delivering change management planning and implementation support for initiatives such as technology adoption, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing, corporate change and restructuring, cultural change and functional transformations.