Accelerating to the cloud

How to address adoption barriers and maximize value

We believe that cloud is a competitive necessity in today’s increasingly challenging, disruptive operating environment. But do Canadian leaders agree? Our research found that 64% of surveyed organizations deemed cloud solutions as “very important” for achieving business success. Yet, when asked about how much of their environment they expect to move to the cloud over the next three years, most forecast a decidedly modest amount.

In summary, this research report discusses:

  • Changing attitudes toward the cloud through our survey of more than 200 Canadian cloud decision-makers and interviews with technology leaders and the three major hyperscalers (Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft)
  • How cloud security, talent, skills, and C-suite alignment as the most common barriers to Canadian organizations’ causing a plateau effect in cloud adoption journeys
  • 10 conditions for successful cloud adoption to realize true transformational benefits


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