Tracking the trends 2013

Issues and ideas for mining companies

Deloitte’s fifth annual mining report identifies ten pressing issues and provides solutions to problems in the global mining sector.

Tracking the trends 2013 In the face of waning Chinese demand and with cost pressures mounting, it’s becoming harder for mining companies to predict future demand patterns. As companies assess an increasingly complex series of options, some have deferred investment and expansion projects. However, continued investment is necessary to enable companies to weather this volatility.

Global issues, Deloitte solutions

In Tracking the trends 2013, Deloitte’s fifth annual global mining report, we identify ten pressing issues and share practical solutions to problems the global mining sector is likely to experience over the coming years.

  • Counting the costs: Paying the price of bullish behaviour
  • Managing demand uncertainty: Conflicting market indicators magnify volatility
  • Capital project deceleration: Quality trumps quantity in the project pipeline
  • Preparing for the M&A storm: Market indicators point to rising deal volumes
  • Governments eye the mining prize: Resource nationalism remains
  • Combatting corruption: Miners are being held to higher standards
  • Climbing the social ladder: A new level of responsible behaviour
  • Plugging the talent gap: Skills shortages still loom
  • Playing it safe: Using analytics to generate insights and improve safety outcomes
  • At the IT edge: Getting the most out of emerging – and existing – technologies

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