COVID-19: Smart solutions for recovery

How health care and life sciences organizations can scale analytics and artificial intelligence solutions

In the third report in our series on how the health sector can navigate efficiently through and past the current health crisis, COVID-19: Smart solutions for recovery, we explore how organizations can capitalize on the analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities employed to respond to the pandemic for their own recovery.

Planning an effective recovery begins by identifying the critical business challenges and priorities your organization faces. Through use cases, which employ analytics and artificial intelligence tools that enhance our ability to identify patterns, predict, communicate, and inform decisions—you can then examine insights about, among other possibilities, high-risk populations, optimal resource allocation, patient-specific information on disease progression, and high-risk individuals in a workplace.

This article will walk you through the three key steps to using the new tools to reposition your organization for growth:

  • Step 1: Articulate your priorities
  • Step 2: Select relevant use cases
  • Step 3: Implement the selected use cases

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