Virtual care is here to stay

For Canada to have a sustainable health care system, virtual care must become a permanent outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic

The health care industry is at an inflection point. Changing patient preferences, cost constraints, rapidly evolving care models, and technological innovations are driving disruption, while patients are increasingly empowered to be decision-makers in their own care, demanding transparency, convenience, access, and personalized products and services.

As our report Virtual care is here to stay describes, the COVID-19 pandemic has helped break down regulatory, financial, and behavioural barriers to allow virtual care to be widely integrated into our health care system and meet patients’ needs. This growth can be sustained beyond the pandemic through five key principles:

  1. Strategy first, technology second
  2. Apply patient- and clinician-centric design
  3. Invest in the long term
  4. Consider collaboration across industries and regions 
  5. Take an integrated approach to technology infrastructure and interoperability

We must maintain the momentum the crisis has created and actively respond to the needs of both providers and consumers for the permanent incorporation of virtual care.


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Mary Sanagan
Life Sciences & Health Care Partner

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