Manufacturing sectors

Learn more about the manufacturing industry. Deloitte is one of the leading professional services firms in Canada.

Manufacturers know better than anyone that the only constant is change. To achieve sustainable growth, you need to meet shareholder demands and changing customer expectations while staying ahead of emerging technology and new business practices. Deloitte understands manufacturing from strategy to shop floor to distribution. With proven, practical solutions to innovation, lean operation, efficient supply chain and internal controls, we’ll help you take on the world.

Aerospace & defence

The sky's the limit

In this competitive industry, the key to success is the ability to stay ahead of trends and respond dynamically to market opportunities. As the aerospace and defence industry looks to address the challenges facing it, companies will require carefully crafted business strategies that anticipate the ultimate effects of regulatory reform, technology change, competitive dynamics and market movements.

Deloitte works aggressively to maintain a leading-edge view, helping industry leaders manage dramatic change. New and complex issues require a broader set of responses to industry risks, deeper customer relationships and the utilization of technology as an enabler, rather than as the ultimate answer.

Deloitte serves the aerospace and defence industry through a cross-functional team of highly skilled professionals. The multidisciplinary strengths of our A&D group help provide solutions to the wide range of issues that companies face throughout their life cycle — from early-stage growth companies to global leaders in the industry.

Our aerospace & defence services:

  • Financial reporting and control matters
  • Cost reduction and management
  • Implementation of lean manufacturing
  • Effective integration of acquisitions
  • Utilizing tax strategies
  • Program performance and revenue generation
  • Legacy systems


Gear up for more innovation

In the unrelenting push for innovation and lower costs, automotive companies are challenged to deliver higher value goods more efficiently than ever before. Whether you produce high-tech integrated dashboards or light-weight, rust-resistant body components, staying ahead of the competition isn’t easy. Our automotive group is dedicated to making your competitive edge not only possible, but profitable as well.

Deloitte’s automotive experts have helped multinationals and mid-sized automotive companies in Canada and around the world achieve leaner operations, more efficient supply chains, and internal controls that keep our clients ahead of the industry in these days of intense cost reduction and competition. We collaborate regularly with the APMA and OEMs to identify future trends and sustainable solutions.

With our R&D tax expertise, we’ve helped automotive companies uncover significant new sources of cash — funds for new capital investment, training or further R&D to maintain that competitive edge. From the shop floor to the showroom, we know how to drive automotive operations to their full potential.

Our automotive services:

  • R&D tax
  • Supply chain services
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Organizational transformation
  • ERP selection and implementation
  • CFO services
  • Financing services
  • Valuation

Process & industrial products

Deloitte has helped many process and industrial products companies through their toughest challenges, with an integrated approach that translates into more powerful results across the whole business ― faster.