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The Deloitte M&A Institute is a community of business leaders and professionals that focuses on collaborative discussion on driving superior value from M&A activities. The Deloitte M&A Institute serves as the platform for experiences, learning, and flagship events; including our M&A Academy.

Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are among the most challenging and complex events a company will experience. Successful deals require experienced management, skilled employees, and an enormous amount of work.

The mission of the Deloitte M&A Institute is to support private and public enterprises in their M&A aspirations, geared for everyone from the most experienced dealmakers to first-time M&A teams.

The M&A Institute focuses on tailoring peer-to-peer and facilitated experiences to help clients build the M&A capabilities and skills they need to make an impact on their business.

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The Deloitte M&A Lab

Organizations accelerate M&A strategy, and execution capabilities through M&A Labs at the Deloitte Greenhouse.
Experience a uniquely creative and technology enabled environment, where seasoned M&A practitioners share their experience as your organization’s executive coaches for the day.

Learn more about our labs.

End to End M&A

There’s much more to M&A than simply buying or selling a business, especially in today’s uncertain environment. To be successful, companies must recognize risks, build relationships with non-traditional partners and think strategically about growth.

At Deloitte, we offer seamless services across the entire M&A lifecycle. Through our deal knowledge, industry insights, and scale, Deloitte’s ETE M&A offerings support clients throughout the entire M&A lifecycle where every aspect of a potential M&A strategy gets covered.

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Peter Sozou

National M&A Advisory Managing Partner

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