Operations services

Supply chain management

Supply chain issues can be a constant source of frustration, but a project for every problem isn’t the answer. Supply chain systems are too complex for a scattershot approach to achieve consistent, sustainable results. Begin instead with a comprehensive strategy – one that aligns effort across the organization and leads to end-to-end solutions.

Supply chain management services

Whether you need to develop a global supply chain strategy, implement a suite of integrated management services or plan and execute a one-time project, we have the solution for your challenge.

  • Supply chain planning services: a synchronized, demand-driven supply chain provides the right level of customer service while optimizing costs, assets and flexibility.
  • Sourcing & procurement services: it’s impossible to achieve world-class, cost-effective supply chain performance without a strong and reliable global supply base.
  • Production services: combine lean manufacturing principles with 6-Sigma tools to improve the efficiency and reliability of all core business processes, including the supply chain.
  • Distribution and logistics: distribution and logistics operations that improve product and information flows are critical to customer order fulfillment – and to achieving the “perfect order.”

Deloitte understands the promise of performance. We work to fulfill it. An efficient, integrated supply chain operation provides a powerful competitive advantage for companies that do it right.

With more than 100 Canadian supply chain specialists – part of a global network of over 2,000 – Deloitte delivers cross-industry knowledge and experience across all areas of supply chain management, from strategy through implementation.

We serve thousands of clients around the world, from middle-market businesses to the Global 1,000, helping them improve their supply chain performance and increase shareholder value.

To learn more about how you can start to create a supply chain strategy, download the brochure or contact us.

Operational excellence

As markets shift, budgets shrink and customer expectations rise, organizations in all sectors are struggling to improve product and service delivery while reining in costs. Service and operational improvements can help address these challenges. In addition to delivering a competitive advantage, operational excellence can help organizations enhance process efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer service, accelerate response times and improve asset performance.

Whether you need to optimize front- or back-office performance, our specialists can help. Leveraging proven diagnostics, Six Sigma and Lean disciplines, industry best practices and our proprietary IndustryPrint™ templates, we can advise on all aspects of your business operations to help you improve processes, extend your organizational capabilities and strengthen your performance management skills.