COVID-19: Aviation’s recovery flight plan

Strong ecosystem collaboration required

COVID-19 has hit the aviation industry hard, and the entire ecosystem is feeling the pain. Airlines, airports, and other aviation organizations have responded quickly, reducing costs and introducing major operational changes as they weather the storm. In our latest report, we explore three key areas where aviation organizations will need to focus and invest as they recover from the repercussions of lockdowns and position themselves to thrive in future:

Customer expectations
How will companies in the aviation industry think strategically to meet changing customer needs and expectations in a way that encourages them to travel?

Operational realities
As the industry shifts toward near-term recovery and doing business in the long term, what significant operational changes will be required concerning network efficiencies, route development, and check-in processes?

Financial impacts
In what way will aviation companies need to reframe their financial assumptions to acknowledge that the certainties of the pre-COVID-19 era have likely evaporated?

In time, the pandemic will ease. And to recover and thrive in a post-COVID-19 world, aviation companies will need to build a new foundation for success.

Read Aviation’s recovery flight plan to find out more.

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