Creating smarter military bases


Creating smarter military bases

Urban planning and defence base infrastructure

Canada’s defence base infrastructure is largely a byproduct of decisions made during the Second World War and the Cold War, with only modest investments made in the following decades wearing down the country’s ability to rapidly execute military campaigns. Canada needs a new infrastructure and environmental strategy.

And modern strategies demand smart thinking.

In the article Creating smarter military bases, we propose the solution is an urban design model that incorporates the attributes of a smart military base. Such a military base urban-planning (BUP) model, which would include use of emerging and disruptive technologies, would enable:

  • Identification of multi-year and stimulus investment opportunities
  • Improved portfolio condition insights
  • Effective management of a standardized best-practice model
  • Improved multi-base investment in operational effectiveness and security capabilities
  • Identification of opportunities to partner with industry in areas of clean energy and waste management that support the climate change objectives of the Government of Canada

Extended periods of insufficient investment have become an increasing challenge to the operational effectiveness of Canada’s military installations, putting at risk operational readiness. The novel approach of an urban-planning model, coupled with the use of innovative technologies, has numerous advantages for overcoming this threat.

For more information, read Creating smarter military bases today.

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