Delivering on Digital

Transforming government

When went live in October 2013, many called the website a catastrophe. It underscored the necessity of digital excellence in public institutions and inspired hundreds of the tech industry’s best and brightest to come together with the singular mission to modernize government.

Today, some government agencies are still running software from the 1960s. So how do you take a government built on agrarian- and industrial-era frameworks and redesign it as a fully digital state? We must imagine a new kind of government.

Imagine justice systems that use digital technology to return nonviolent offenders promptly and securely into society. Imagine a veterans health care system built around delivering a personalized customer experience for every Vet. Imagine filing your taxes or opening a business online in mere minutes—it’s already possible in Estonia.

We now have the digital tools (cloud computing, mobile devices, analytics) and the talent to stage a real transformation in government. A digital mindset is a different way of thinking about customers, products, and process. It’s faster, iterative, and adaptable. And if government adopts it, the changes can be just as revolutionary.

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