How to compete for enrolment in higher education


How to compete for enrolment in higher education

Managing enrolment strategically can help universities and colleges create meaningful experiences for their students

The competition for enrolment among Canadian colleges and universities has only become more acute in recent years. Financial pressures, provincial expectations, finite numbers of international students and the COVID-19 pandemic have all combined to turn the pursuit for new students into a significant and ongoing challenge.  

Those institutions able to set themselves apart and create more meaningful experiences across the entire student journey will be the big winners in this competitive reality. As a result, many schools are turning to strategic enrolment management, a more holistic, big-picture approach to growing enrolment long-term. 

In our new article, How to compete for enrolment in higher education, we explore this powerful discipline and its effect on the post-secondary enrolment landscape, and look at how Canadian colleges and universities can use it to shift their focus and grow enrolment in a stable way. 

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