Infrastructure as an economic stimulus

Securing the economic futures of the countries

In unprecedented times like today, governments around the world are faced with enormous pressures to make significant infrastructure investments and generate both an immediate boost and long term growth.

A definitive approach for economic growth can be elusive even in normal times, but it is particularly rare in the current climate. However, what is clear is that more state support is needed. Governments must look to ways to stimulate their economies, which is why infrastructure investment is taking center stage as a vital means of driving growth. Investment in infrastructure helps to keep people employed and businesses afloat, while also maintaining the productive capacity of an economy and delivering long term benefits.

In this global paper, we elaborate how infrastructure spending has a successful and long-term impact along with steps that can help in heightening the impact of infrastructure as an economic stimulus. It highlights how governments will have to make conscious decisions to protect and increase public sector investment despite challenges posed by increasing deficits and debt levels.


Key contact

Craig Walter
Partner, National Leader of Infrastructure;
Head of infrastructure M&A, Americas

Infrastructure as an economic stimulus

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