Reshaping the student experience


Reshaping the student experience

The role of technology in enabling student-centricity

Back in the fall of 2021, Deloitte launched a national survey of students and recent graduates to gather insights about their experiences at colleges and universities across Canada.

Based on the results, we developed a path to help post-secondary institutions focus on becoming more student-centric. In our report, The case for a student-centric campus, we shared that strategic vision, centred firmly on student needs and data-based decision-making.

What today’s students and our latest research revealed

Involving more than 1,000 students and recent graduates across Canada, our second annual survey exposed how they feel about their institutions’ ability to meet their needs in academics, services, technology, and overall.

The most important discovery was that their expectations are still not being met. This next report examines our latest findings and how some of the most promising education technology solutions can be used to create a better, more student-focused experience.

Innovative solutions

The results of our 2022 survey highlighted the broad range of needs institutions should address to best support their students. We understand how complex a task that is. Fortunately, our research into technology trends in higher education showed there are tools that are directly improving experiences across the student journey and empowering administrators to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student body.

Our report focuses on three of the most promising tools: curriculum management systems (CMS), immersive learning technologies, and composable IT strategies. Our research demonstrated that student-focused implementations of these innovative technologies offer powerful opportunities to provide students with the experiences they value.

This report, Reshaping the student experience, details how Canada’s higher education institutions can use modern technology to boost their student-centricity.

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