The case for a student-centric campus

Colleges and universities must centre on student needs

Higher education in Canada has gone through tremendous upheaval in the past few years. Increasing competition for enrolments, decreasing government funding, growing numbers of international and part-time learners, more complex student needs, and massive changes in technology are just some of the challenges facing it.

What do students say?

To better understand students’ perceptions of their institutions, we surveyed more than 200 students in post-secondary education across Canada about their expectations and experiences at each stage of their journey. The results were clear: students need more from their education experience. Our research suggests higher education institutions must reform to more fully support their learners, who have increasingly diverse and complex needs as well as higher expectations.

To be successful, universities and colleges need to understand and focus on these needs—they need to become more student-centric.

How can higher-education institutions in Canada become truly student-centric?

Our report The case for a student-centric campus has answers.

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