The future of urban mobility

Flexible, scalable, on-demand transit

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact urban mobility in Canada. But our metropolitan transit systems were evolving even bore the crisis. Digital and technical innovations have given birth to a range of alternatives to both mass transit and car ownership.

What does the future hold for mobility in Canada’s cities? Our latest report—The future of urban mobility: Flexible, scalable, on-demand transit—explores the potential of on-demand ride-pooling.

On-demand transit, a system in which right-sized vans or buses distributed throughout more distant zones feed into existing transit networks, isn’t new. But it could allow transit agencies to respond to the changing needs of ridership, improve customer experience, meet sustainability goals, and equity and inclusion in cities.



Download the report and discover more about the potential of on-demand transit, as well as some thought-provoking case studies.
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