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As cyber threats evolve and become more complex, many business leaders recognize they can’t manage the challenge alone. Deloitte’s global network of Cyber Intelligence Centres (CICs), including four Canadian locations, operate around the clock, 365 days of the year. Our CICs provide a fully customizable solution to help your organization prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats so that you can focus on what matters: your business.

Our approach

As a recognized leader in security consulting1 —and one of the top-ranked security services providers in Canada2 —Deloitte offers a network of dedicated business and technology professionals, deep industry-specific experience, and advanced technological know-how to help your organization move beyond cybersecurity toward cyber confidence. Our model is tailored to your business needs and focuses on helping you become a more secure, vigilant, and resilient organization. This enables you to adapt more quickly to ever-changing cyber threats, thereby minimizing risks to your business. We apply our deep knowledge in risk advisory services to complement our approach, providing proactive cyber strategies that support real-world business goals, regulatory requirements, and the evolving threat landscape.

From advisory and implementation to managed security services, from threat intelligence to incident response, our CICs provide fully augmented cyber risk solutions to shoulder the cybersecurity burden for your organization.


Threat management services

Threat management services

Frontline security requires more than monitoring. It requires action. As a managed security services provider, we work with you to prioritize risk and build customized solutions tailored to your unique business needs. We offer more than security operations and information and event management – through our global network of CICs, we deliver comprehensive threat management solutions that provide an elevated level of protection to help you proactively prevent, detect and respond rapidly to an attack, minimizing damages to your business.

Deloitte's CICs specialize in:

  • Security information and event management (SIEM): starts with logging, monitoring, and alerting; services can be customized to be client-owned or wholly managed by Deloitte on our premises or in the cloud
  • Security tools management: includes antivirus tools, security devices, and perimeter security tools
  • Onsite security operations
  • Implementation services
  • Vulnerability management

To learn more about our threat management services, please contact Amir Belkhelladi.

Threat intelligence and analytics Incident response

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Contact us

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To learn more about industry specific threat scenarios, and how your organization can prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats in a way that minimizes disruption and impact to your business, click here.

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