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InsurCloud reduces risk and increases speed to market through a pre-built accelerator designed for the Canadian insurance industry. The InsurCloud solution offers a suite of customizable features, allowing carriers to stay ahead of the curve.

The solution

InsurCloud consists of two elements:


Deloitte’s InsurCloud Solution reduces costs and increases the speed to market. While it's pre-configured with Canadian requirements, carriers can customize the solution to align with requirements specific to their organization.


Managed & Innovation Services provide support and services to maintain business value in the present and innovation services to grow value in the future.

Managed and Innovation Services

provides support and services to maintain business value in the present and innovation to grow value in the future

Once the solution is ready for production, Deloitte provides application management support services that insurers can leverage entirely or partially, depending on their needs. Services include:

  • Incident and problem management to ensure issues are resolved quickly

  • Minor upgrades to Guidewire to keep the application up-to-date

  • Fixes and enhancements to address new requirements you may want

  • Access to the InsurCloud innovation layer, which allows carriers to implement new technologies introduced in the insurance industry

  • Updates resulting from ongoing R&D on the InsurCloud accelerator in terms approaches and technologies, which Deloitte provides back to Insurers

  • Application cloud-hosting, with infrastructure management and monitoring enabled through Amazon Web Services

Key features

The following are pre-configured for personal property and personal auto insurance, which helps accelerates delivery, reduce risks, and provide a certainty of outcome:


With built-in innovation and pre-configurations for the Canadian market, InsurCloud helps you stay ahead of the curve, reduce risk, and increase speed to market.

Real-time integration with third party providers lets you reduce pricing discrepancies, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance underwriting accuracy.

And Deloitte’s Managed & Innovation Services let you ensure future agility, stay up-to-date with changes, access on-going innovation, which reduces cost.

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