Governance, regulatory and risk

Governance, regulatory and risk (GR&R) services are designed to help you create and protect value and enhance effective management of strategic, regulatory, financial, operational, and compliance risks on a sustained basis.

On the board’s agenda

Organizational Culture: Would you recognize the warning  signs of a toxic culture?

Determining whether your organization’s culture poses a risk to your organization raises many challenges, but it is so critical to your success that some are calling it “The Next Frontier for Boards.”

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Directors’ Alert

Is your board ready to take advantage of disruption?

Disruption—a topic the entire business world is talking about. While many organizations fear it, others realize the many opportunities that disruptive technologies, processes, and social norms present. But with every opportunity comes an element of risk—not every disruption will positively impact your enterprise.

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Enterprise risk management and governance

In the wake of high-profile incidents such as privacy and data breaches, corporate scandals and regulatory investigations, stakeholders expect more proactive board oversight and enhanced management practices.

This extends beyond transparency and financial integrity to encompass a company’s ethics, culture and tone at the top. By benchmarking your governance practices against those of your peers, Deloitte can help you establish a competitive edge and gain the insights you need to align your executives’ expectations with your employees’ actions. We also help you identify and close governance gaps, enhance compliance and adopt a structure appropriate to your needs with three primary solutions:

  • Board and management assessment and design. Ensure you have the appropriate board members, board structure, management governance practices and leadership in place to support your organization’s performance objectives.
  • Board and management education. We can help you mitigate liability and strengthen your decision-making abilities by reviewing and assessing your board education programs, identifying gaps and conducting training sessions and workshops for both your board members and management.
  • Board and management mandates, charters and policies. Whether you are starting up a board or want to improve your existing governance practices, we can help you establish and enhance your board and management mandates, committee charters and policies, and define roles and accountabilities to strengthen your governance structure.

Regulatory and risk strategies

In risk, there is opportunity. In opportunity, there is risk. Recognizing and addressing this dual nature of risk and opportunity sets Deloitte apart from other business consultants who operate under a more traditional and limited view.

The Regulatory & Risk Strategies service provides consultative services to executives and boards that are designed to help create and protect value and enhance effective management of strategic, regulatory, financial, operational, and compliance risks on a sustained basis. 

We work with organizations to develop sustainable governance, compliance, and risk management programs by helping them identify, remediate, monitor, exploit, and manage enterprise risks. Additionally, Regulatory and Risk Strategies supports the coordination and utilization of people, processes, and technology to improve effectiveness and help manage costs.

Regulatory, safety & environment

Companies in the energy sector must comply with a wide range of safety and environmental regulations. Failure to meet legislated safety standards can jeopardize business operations. More importantly, inattention to federal, provincial or regional regulations can put your organization at risk, increase employee health and safety risk, and increase the likelihood of experiencing safety or environmental events — which can put everyone at risk.

To reduce your risk and ensure compliance, you need people with experience. Our safety and regulatory compliance professionals have a long track record of serving energy companies in Western Canada. They can develop customized emergency response plans; develop and implement practical personal, process and on-site safety programs; develop pipeline integrity management plans and facilitate surface land transactions. We help you navigate the complexities of regulatory requirements, so you can maintain focus on your top priorities: managing your business. Our regulatory, safety and environmental services include the following:

  • Emergency response planning
  • Pipeline integrity
  • Regulatory and environmental compliance
  • Safety services
  • Surface land solutions
  • Waste tracking and management

Risk transformation

As risks evolve, the processes of identifying, mitigating and managing them must evolve too. From risk strategy formulation through to implementation, organizations can benefit from risk transformation initiatives in areas across the organization, including finance, operations, financial crime, compliance, risk management, treasury and commodity trading.

Deloitte Risk Transformation (RT) draws on operations, technology, compliance and analytics competencies from across our Enterprise Risk services (ERS) practice. This means we can address all aspects of both business and technology risk environments. We also leverage other practice areas as required to bring Deloitte’s full cross-functional capabilities to your risk transformation needs.

Whether related to processes, people or technology, we can help you transform your risk capabilities. 

Finance:   Enable organizations to improve financial integrity by creating efficiencies and increasing confidence over financial processes and reporting.

Operations:  Assists organizations in designing and implementing solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations

Financial Crime: Assists financial institutions in improving  the effectiveness of compliance surveillance, anti-money laundering and anti-fraud initiatives by integrating and consolidating processes across the organization. 

Predictive project analytics

Research shows more than 60% of companies have experienced project failure. Predictive project analytics (PPA) helps you avert challenges by leveraging our unique algorithm to determine the likelihood of project success. No matter where you are in the project lifecycle, predictive analytics can improve capital efficiency, contain project costs and provide insights into your organization’s level of manageable project complexity and risk given your current capabilities.

Did you know?

  • 60% of companies experience project failure
  • 44% fail to meet time, budget or quality goals; 15% fail to meet all of these objectives — or stop projects altogether
  • 71% of projects are late, over budget or fail to deliver to their specifications
  • 21% of projects are cancelled or never deployed
  • An average cost overrun of 46% for all system development projects

How we can help

Our approach strengthens the connection between project risks and key success factors to deliver a holistic and deep view of the project.

Benchmarking the results

Our database contains more than 2,000 successful projects ranging in size and complexity to compare your project against.

Predictive Project Analytics in Action

Learn how predictive project analytics helped a large investment corporation complete a project nine months ahead of schedule and 15% under budget