Regulatory and compliance

Navigate, design, transform

Failing to keep up with the latest rules and regulations governing a business can prove to be very costly for companies that find themselves in a state of non-compliance and potentially in need of remediation. Deloitte has the proven skill and experience to support clients operating within highly regulated industries. Helping them navigate, design, and transform their operations, processes, controls, and infrastructure to address the specific regulations, regulatory requirements, and operational risks that they face. We can help you design a sustainable regulatory compliance program the fosters organizational value by identifying and creating competitive advantages.

Driven by our acquisition of Cannabis Compliance Inc. in 2019, Deloitte’s regulatory and compliance team brings the understanding needed to stand out in the emerging cannabis industry, as well as a vast range of other regulated consumer product industries. Connect with us about challenges concerning growth, commercial strategy, cost efficiencies, and compliance.

How we can help:

Market entry and commercial planning

  • Market entry and commercial strategy advisory
  • Business planning, innovation, growth strategy
  • Market research, data analytics, and consumer insights

Regulatory and compliance support

  • Creating operational solutions and standard operating procedures to help clients navigate through complex regulatory landscapes
  • Ensuring your business meets the latest in governing compliance requirements
  • Comprehensive strategic planning with detailed cannabis licensing and application support

International consulting

  • Tailor-made solutions across multiple industry segments and focus areas
  • International consulting unit designed for companies seeking to grow their business globally
  • Broad experience working in the regulatory environments of North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia

Operational advisory

  • Practices in process improvement, supply chain management, and risk-mitigation
  • Assisting with designing, building, expanding, and optimizing facilities and production operations

Risk management

  • In-depth experience helping organizations identify, monitor, and control associated risks encountered throughout various areas of business function
  • Scalable and flexible programs ranging from full enterprise risk management programs and point-in-time audits, through to identify operational and licensing risks

Workforce training and education

  • The latest in cannabis industry-specific staff training designed to increase competency and consistency at all employee levels
  • Cannabis industry-specific staff training to address requirements in cannabis; cultivation, operations, compliance, and quality assurance
  • High-quality, accessible, and innovative employee training solutions that focus on leading practices, reducing risk, maintaining compliance, and building efficiencies