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Customer & Marketing

Brands that grow know that each customer interaction is an opportunity to connect. We call this elevating the human experience, and it’s where best-for-brand meets best-for-customer.

Deloitte Digital is a part of Deloitte that uses technology and creativity to better connect the customer with the business. We use emergent technology to imagine, deliver, and run entirely new business futures, creating innovative ventures, digital platforms, and more meaningful experiences for you and your customers.

Every part of our business is focused on the future of your business. We meet you where you are today, anticipate where you should be tomorrow, and map and travel the journey in between. This transformational journey starts and ends with the customer—from understanding people’s real lives to shaping your business future to deliver for them.

We call this elevating the human experience.

Experiences are made by focusing on the moments that matter, the rational and emotional points of connection where your brand and business can offer more to your customer. Unmet customer needs are future business opportunities, which can be discovered and understood by design, connected by technology, and elevated to be human by creativity.

Our team connects our talents in strategy, design, innovation, and brand (Imagine) with data, insight, e-commerce, automation, and platform integration (Deliver) with marketing, advertising, content, and optimization (Run) to connect your business with its future in a way no traditional consultancy or agency can.

We do this together, faster, and at scale with the full power of Deloitte, with our friends in the world’s leading innovative tech companies, and with ready-made digital technology assets.

Elevate your customers’ experience and bring your business future to life.

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Charmaine Wong

Charmaine Wong

National Customer & Marketing Leader

Charmaine Wong is a Partner at Deloitte Canada focused on enterprise transformation through digital and marketing innovation, new business launches and mergers & acquisitions. She leads Deloitte Canad... More