Economics of climate change


Economics of climate change

Climate change scenario modelling and pathway analysis

Our newly developed in-house modelling tool means we can model the upside, as well as the downside, of different decisions that impact the climate, the economy, and the world around us.

There’s a better way to understand and deal with the existential threat of climate change. There is no future Deloitte Access Economics (DAE) can predict that does not include climate change and, one way or another, this will impact the Canadian economy.

DAE has developed a new, in-house regional climate change model that examines the economic impacts of both action and inaction on climate change.

DAE-CLIMATE can model economic scenarios out to the year 2100, producing results at industry and local levels. We can give you insights into:

  • Which industries, jobs, and economic activity have the most to lose—or gain—from different decarbonization trajectories
  • Which local economies will be impacted the most by the choices being made
  • The options for decarbonization and their benefits
  • How much any degree of climate change will impact your organization
    The economy is quickly running out of time—and opportunity—when it comes to climate change. What choices will you make?