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The Tax Surplus Calculator

Meet your new smart solution

The right technology has the power to take your tax department from a business function to a future-looking, strategic entity. To get there, you need to do more than streamline and automate your tax processes. For your team to gain an advantage in an economic landscape that’s constantly evolving, you need your data packaged into actionable insights that empower your team to make better-informed business decisions.

For Canadian companies with foreign subsidiaries, determining and calculating the tax consequences of moving cash back to Canada is both crucial and complex. They need to draw from multiple records and sources to make these decisions yet current software packages in the market can’t quickly and efficiently dissect the data to guide timely and informed business decisions.

The Tax Surplus Calculator—powered by CortexAI™—is a powerful analytics platform that helps navigate strategic tax implications and explore what-if scenarios for tax planning. It centrally organizes and retains all your core data and provides year-over-year breakdowns for all your entities.

How does it help me?

  • Enables data-driven decisions about your key business funds while balancing your business need for cash flow
  • Quickly assesses the tax consequences of moving money from foreign subsidiaries into Canada
  • Explores the potential outcomes of strategic tax decisions on your business
  • Removes time-consuming, trial-and-error processes from your day to day
  • Automates tedious source-data calculations
  • Gets your data ready for any CRA audit requests

Deloitte’s Tax Surplus Calculator makes it easier to know the right time to move money back to Canadian soil. 

To learn more about the Tax Surplus Calculator, get in touch with one of our leaders today: Jeff Butt and Stanislav Mantulenko.


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