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Global workplace and unilateral actions of various jurisdictions working to fast track their sovereign objectives has brought risk sensitivity for both employers and employees. The myriad of complex tax and regulatory laws are changing and we don’t want our clients to be caught unaware. Forewarned is forearmed and we can help you implement safeguards to ensure that compliance risk in workforce mobility is least of your worries.

International assignment services

The inherent thorns of complexity in any international move requires that tax and regulatory laws of more than one jurisdiction are now required to be complied by both the employer and the employee. A successful international assignment program requires companies to strike the balance between managing costs and ensuring compliance. We help clients manage compliance and deliver operational efficiencies, driven by process and technology that are grounded in personal interaction through our global network.

In understanding an organization's current state and envisioning a dynamic future state, we present the expertise and network in approaching international assignments.

Frequent Business Travelers

As tax and immigration authorities better leverage technology and exchange information, there has been an increase in enforcement of tax reporting and withholding laws. While permanent and long-term deployments of personnel are generally identifiable and administered through defined HR programs, short term business travel proves to be a greater challenge. Developing a business process to actively manage business travel can reduce the organization's exposure to risk and optimize cross border travel without landing up with a tax bill with every business flight booked.


With organizations becoming borderless, they are now required to pay employees, remit taxes and complete tax reporting timely and correctly both locally and internationally. Failing to do so can trigger multimillion dollars fines and penalties from taxing authorities. In this environment, it is critical that payroll service delivery model must be nimble enough to ensure accuracy of payroll processing, tax compliance and contains costs efficiently. 


As the talent marketplace outgrows local and national boundaries, it becomes more important to replace a patchwork of compensation programs and delivery with a more centralized model. With appropriate governance in place, organizations can achieve standardization without sacrificing the important benefits of local customization.

We at Deloitte, help align compensation and benefits programs with a company's overall talent and corporate strategies, and the marketplace needs. We can assist in planning compensation benefits programs such that it attracts and retains top talent and yields win-win situation for both employer and employees. 

Immigration Services

Deloitte’s global immigration practice is a market leader in providing technical immigration advice worldwide. With more than 400 immigration experts working together across 80 countries, we are well equipped to manage the global needs of a client’s mobile population. Our global immigration teams have extensive experience in managing immigration for multinational assignee programs. We understand the challenges faced, from the necessity to meet strict timelines through to the individual family needs of each assignee. Our services include:

  • Work permit applications
  • Visa and entry clearance advice for principal applicant and family members (if appropriate)
  • Visa and permit extension applications
  • Registration advice (with police or local community registrars if appropriate)
  • Ancestry advice
  • Citizenship advice
  • Passport renewals
  • Highly skilled migrant program applications

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