Global investment and innovation incentives

Look deeper. Seize the opportunity.

A world of opportunity — leveraging Canadian and global incentives is an effective way to generate bottom-line results

Around the world, the menu of available incentives is growing and changing at a rapid pace.

Every day, Canadian companies are innovating new technologies, investing in their business, and expanding their reach globally. Our engineers, scientists, accountants and economists use their tax and incentives expertise to help Canadian companies fuel their growth and innovation.

Deloitte is the preeminent incentives practice in Canada with more than 125 practitioners. We have the bench strength, agility and expertise to support businesses at every stage of their development, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Our digital platform also allows us to work more efficiently with our clients in a centralized, secure and transparent way.

The Deloitte network gives you access to Gi3 practitioners around the world providing you with a local and global team to help you take advantage of incentives wherever your projects takes place.

Global Incentives – focus on data insights not data management

Our proprietary Global Incentives solution sets a global standard. The web-based application assists with the collection, management, evaluation, and computation of research and development (R&D) tax credit data and provide insights into other incentives in Canada and globally.

Global Incentives is available via myInsight, which is a dashboard of tools customized to our client needs. The Global Incentives application is used for scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) claims and can provide transparency into, and coordination of, the whole R&D claim life cycle. Our digital tool is accessible to our clients and the Deloitte team working on the claim(s). It provides:

  • An efficient way of tracking large volumes of information and qualifying expenditures with the ability to upload relevant supporting information
  • A standardized process to customized reports to gain insightful analytics and facilitate complex calculations
  • Centralization of data that promotes transparency amongst authorized users and allows for broad visibility into a company’s portfolio of incentive claims locally and globally
  • Promotes privacy amongst authorized users

Our global perspective provides insight to any company that wants a clearer view of global opportunities.

Businesses with ongoing program of product and/or process development are potentially eligible for significant government incentives

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