The Deloitte CIO Survey 2015

Creating Legacy

Deloitte’s 2015 Global CIO Survey: Creating Legacy examines CIOs as unique individuals by exploring their career aspirations and personal goals, which go beyond the technology environment. Deloitte surveyed 1,271 CIOs from 43 countries around the globe between May and July 2015 to capture significant data, trends and insight for this report.

Canada had the third largest number of survey participants this year. For a discussion on how Canadian responses compare to the global results, view our Canadian insights.

The results
Global CIOs cite innovation and growth as top business priorities, yet 84 percent of IT budgets are spent on running day-to-day operations and incremental change. At a time when new business ecosystems are emerging and the C-suite is becoming more interconnected, CIOs are striving to strike a balance between innovation and operational effectiveness while improving their C-suite relationships and leadership skills. Explore the report to learn more.

We’re always looking for IT leaders to share their insights and perspectives on the role of today’s CIOs and issues that matter to them and the broader Canadian economy.  If you would like to participate in our next CIO Survey, let us know.

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