Developing a resilient, innovative organizational culture - Considerations for the board

Change is coming. Advanced technologies, different approaches in the way that people work together, and new collaborative processes will likely soon disrupt many organizations’ business models.

To withstand future disruption and achieve important benefits today, organizations need to develop a resilient, innovative organizational culture - one that promotes, encourages and provides incentives for all members of the organization to engage in innovative behaviours and practices. Boards need to have innovation on their agenda not just in terms of new technologies, ideas and projects, but also in the way the organization’s innovation process is managed on a daily basis.

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Innovation is just one of the challenges facing boards of directors. From the ongoing volatility of the global business environment to the increasing expectation of stakeholders, the demands on boards continue to grow. Boards, therefore, need to identify the essential activities – the ingredients for success – and strike an appropriate balance in terms of the time and effort devoted to each of them.

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