Analytics Information Management

As technology makes information easier to create and collect, its volume grows, and effective management and analysis become increasingly critical.

Organizations today depend and thrive on timely, accurate and strategically relevant information. But as technology enables the creation and capture of ever-increasing amounts of data, effective management and productive analysis of that information are becoming enormous challenges. Our information management and analytics technology team provides cost-efficient, risk-effective solutions to help you leverage and unlock the value of your information assets.

Organizations that can access on-demand information, trust its accuracy and turn it into strategic insight can achieve superior outcomes and gain a real competitive advantage.

Advanced analytics

Organizations today face a number of challenges, such as performance inefficiency, data overload, regulatory compliance and operational risk. It can be daunting, but the answers may be closer than you think. With advanced analytics, you can unlock the real value of your data, discovering hidden insights and innovative solutions to these critical challenges. From pinpointing inefficiencies and enhancing predictive capabilities, to improving decision-making, our team can help maximize your growing stores of information.

Our Advanced analytics services include:

  • Advisory analytics
    • Analytics strategy
    • Customer analytics
    • Performance management strategy
    • Pricing and profitability
  • Transformational analytics
    • Finance analytics
    • Product lifecycle analytics
    • Supply chain analytics
    • Workforce analytics
  • Managed analytics
    • Recurring underwriting and claims modelling
    • Safety analytics
  • Subscription analytics
    • Benchmarking
    • Incentive compensation
    • Fraud analytics

Business intelligence and data warehousing

Most information systems were designed to handle day-to-day operations, not to produce analysis and insight. Yet organizations will spend millions on data warehousing solutions, only to spend millions more trying to extract truly useful, actionable information. Deloitte’s business intelligence and data warehousing (BI/DW) services help companies manage data from disparate sources and convert it into strategically relevant information that can drive competitive advantage.

Our business intelligence and data warehousing services include:

  • Enterprise information management architecture, assessments and strategy (EIMS)
  • Business intelligence (BI) assessments, strategy and implementation
  • Enterprise data warehouses and datamarts (EDW/DM) implementation
  • Transformational fact-based business intelligence and decision enablement
  • Beyond ERP reporting—BI, analytics and reporting roadmap
  • Business intelligence and reporting tools rationalization
  • Offshore centres of BI/DW excellence

Enterprise data management

Enterprise data management (EDM) is a popular solution for companies dealing with data reliability issues, but many are only addressing the symptoms of bad data instead of the sources, which can create a cascade of systemic headaches. A comprehensive EDM solution includes profiling, cleansing and monitoring to improve data quality; metadata (data about data) to ensure consistent definitions and usage; data governance to provide oversight and standards enforcement; and retention and security to support accessible and secure data.

Our enterprise data management services include:

  • Master data definition and harmonization
  • Designing and deploying master data management solutions
  • Data profiling, cleansing and monitoring
  • Metadata management
  • Data archival, retrieval and security
  • EDM architecture patterns and effective practices
  • Enterprise data conversions and consolidations
  • Data stewardship, ownership and data governance models
  • Data standards, policies and procedures

Performance management technology

Performance management technology is the bridge between Finance and IT that delivers solutions for our clients that are business-focused and technology-enabled. It replaces error-prone, un-auditable and spreadsheet-oriented processes with integrated solutions. It is also indispensible to monitoring business strategy and enabling management agility. Our clients have reduced process cycle time, improved controls, and freed up time for value-added analysis and decision-making.

We combine industry experience, financial acumen and deep technological knowledge to translate your performance vision and requirements into realistic roadmaps, assist with appropriate technology selection and provide the full range of performance management advisory, implementation and application management services.

Our performance management technology services include:

  • Financial consolidation, controls and reporting
  • Disclosure management and compliance
  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Strategic financial modeling
  • Management reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Scorecards

Enterprise content management and web channel solutions

Cloud computing, mobile technologies, social media, tablets, phones and laptops are introducing a significant amount of unstructured content into the corporate data storage mix. This new content challenges existing strategies for managing websites, images, video, documents and traditional paper information assets. While they deliver new capabilities, they also create a potential nightmare for IT leaders charged with delivering reliable, timely information to the organization’s decision makers. From strategy to execution, Deloitte’s enterprise content management (ECM) and web channel solutions help ensure that cloud, web and mobile content align with online strategy, core business goals and consumer/client needs.

Our ECM and web channel solutions include:

  • Enterprise content management
    • ECM strategy
    • Enterprise taxonomy analysis and design
    • Document management
    • Document imaging
    • Records management
    • Content and data migration
  • Web channel solutions
    • Social networking / Social media
    • Web content management
    • Portal integration
    • E-commerce and portal strategy
    • Detailed business case development
    • Platform and vendor selection