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Chris Forrest

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Chris Forrest is a director in Deloitte’s Consulting practice. He is a seasoned innovation and transformation strategist that works closely with Canadian and global enterprises to future-proof, differentiate, and grow their businesses. A proven leader, Chris is fuelled by the power of emerging technology. He’s skilled at designing bold strategies, challenging business and operating models, and helping business leaders and workforces to realize their ambitions.

As the co-founder of Doblin Canada, a consultancy specializing in innovation, Chris laid the foundation for new collaborations between our strategy, research, design, and digital teams. He works with clients to develop concepts and capabilities for innovation. Prior to this, Chris served as a founding member of Deloitte’s Canadian innovation office, where he led the development of our early relationships in the innovation ecosystem and crafted innovation strategies for Deloitte’s own offerings and practices.

He brings a global view and a cross-sector, cross-functional mindset to his work, drawing on his experiences in transportation, aerospace, insurance, wealth management, banking, retail, and professional services.

Chris Forrest