Dejan Slokar

Managing Partner, Ecosystems & Alliances

Dejan Slokar

Suite 700 850-2nd Street SW




T2P 0R8

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With a track record of developing successful new-technology-enabled businesses and business models, Dejan is a growth-focused executive and our managing partner of Ecosystems & Alliances. He leads cross-industry and cross-business groups of strategic partnerships with a focus on co-creation, co-investment, and large go-to-market plays.

Dejan is driven by a vision to support Deloitte Canada and its people, clients, and alliances in achieving their most important goals through engagement, collaboration, and innovation within strategic ecosystems of relevant relationships. As a valued member of our global Ecosystems & Alliances executive, he represents Canadian business interests and focuses on amplifying the impact of Deloitte's ecosystem on a global scale.

With a wealth of experience across various industries and geographies spanning more than 25 years, Dejan possesses a diverse range of knowledge and skills, including technology strategy, enterprise architecture, IT service management, enterprise content management, analytics, SAP, and Oracle. This broad base enables him to provide comprehensive solutions and insights to clients.

Dejan's client portfolio is also diverse and includes companies in industries such as oil and gas, technology and telecommunications, the public sector, and financial services. This allows him to adapt his support for different sectors and to understand the unique challenges faced by each industry. By leveraging his extensive experience and understanding of these sectors, he can deliver tailored solutions that address specific client needs and drive business growth.

Dejan Slokar