Fawad Baig

National Customer & Applied Design Leader

Fawad Baig

Bay Adelaide East

8 Adelaide Street West, Suite 200




M5H 0A9

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Fawad has 15 years’ experience in digital product development, working across industries in Canada and around the world. Currently Fawad leads many of Deloitte’s largest digital development efforts for clients across diverse sectors, overseeing D Studio, home to the firm’s innovative web/mobile engineering, customer strategy and product development teams. Prior to Deloitte, Fawad designed and developed web and mobile applications for a variety of clients, developing a deep understanding of the technology landscape and how it intersects with experience design. Today he leverages that expertise to help retail and consumer industry clients enhance their digital ecosystems and elevate their customer experience. Fawad loves to share his belief in customer centricity and the success businesses can achieve by putting their customer at the center of their future strategy. Connect with him today to hear more.

Fawad Baig