Jodi Baker Calamai

National Managing Partner, Human Capital, Consulting

CHRO Program Lead

Jodi Baker Calamai

Bay Adelaide East

8 Adelaide Street West, Suite 200




M5H 0A9

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As leader of our Human Capital practice and CHRO program, Jodi is focused on making work better for humans—and humans better at work. Alongside her inspiring team of human capitalists, she brings her deep knowledge and experience in digitalizing and reimagining HR to deliver measurable outcomes to a global, diverse, and digital workforce.

A future of work enthusiast, Jodi is experienced in using design thinking to put the workforce at the centre of the experience through augmented, adaptable, and well-architected solutions. She has partnered with some of the world’s leading organizations and top financial institutions to increase productivity, create value, and beat the competition.

A published author, Jodi has written a book on global HR transformation and several articles about HR shared services, outsourcing, and metrics.

Jodi Baker Calamai