Generative AI This changes everything

With its ability to learn and generate new data, generative AI can help businesses streamline operations and improve efficiency, reducing costs and freeing up resources to focus on core business activities. It's poised to revolutionize the way businesses operate, providing significant benefits that can drive competitive advantage and fuel growth.

Transformer architectures created the conditions to vault AI technology far ahead of its current generations, which use pattern detection or rule-following to help analyze data and make predictions. By contrast, generative AI can mimic and amplify the human creative process by developing novel content like the kind it was trained on, elevating AI from enabler to, conceivably, a co-pilot or coach. 

With this ability, generative AI could create a more profound relationship between humans and technology—closer even than the cloud, the smartphone, and the internet did before it

But its most significant potential is to revolutionize how we do business. Natural language customer service interactions and industry-specific applications that can, for example, accelerate the discovery of health or climate solutions are just a couple of enterprise use cases. 

From architecture to entertainment to energy, and from infrastructure to marketing to medicine, this technology will push every sector to think differently about everything.

"With the shift in the evolution of disruptive technology like generative AI, we are helping and inspiring Canadian organizations to unlock all the possibilities, equipping them with the necessary industry knowledge, infrastructure and cloud services so that they can develop, train, and deploy generative AI models safely, ethically and impactfully, which serve us all in the age of digital transformation.” 

Anthony Viel
CEO Deloitte Canada

There’s a lot of pressure to adopt this newest generation of technology, at the risk of being left behind—far behind. But there’s also a lot to understand about how generative AI tools can address business needs and how they can fit into the framework of an established company. And there’s the fast-shifting regulatory, privacy, policy, and legal compliance environment to consider.

All these concerns can make moving forward with generative AI a formidable challenge—without skilled guidance, that is. The Omnia AI team have been exploring its potential for advanced business solutions for a few years now. In that time, the resources we’ve developed include:

  • A global AI and technology consultancy, with a multidisciplinary team of leaders and experienced professionals
  • Insights from an ecosystem of relationships with organizations that are already building generative AI models
  • A centre for sustainability and climate action, which help clients create value through generative AI responsibly by minimizing potential environmental and social impact
  • Our Trustworthy AI™ framework, which helps to develop safeguards when considering competing ethical priorities during product development and operation
  • A Deloitte Legal team of lawyers, who help with AI legal compliance and strategy, and take carefully planned actions to help establish and preserve solicitor-client privilege

Deloitte named NVIDIA Partner Network Global Consulting Partner of the Year for the fourth consecutive year

We are thrilled to have been selected as the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) Global Consulting Partner of the Year for 2024!

A world leader in artificial intelligence (AI) computing, NPN honours leading enterprises for their efforts in driving NVIDIA-powered solutions to help customers navigate the complexity of the AI life cycle. Awarded by NPN for the fourth consecutive year, Deloitte is recognized for its leadership in Generative AI adoption and for leveraging the capabilities of NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud.

Together, Deloitte and NVIDIA can help you seize the opportunities enabled only through an accelerated AI platform. Our alliance allows us to help organizations access market-leading accelerated computing power and to create deep learning models that can deliver powerful capabilities, new value, and competitive advantage.

Read the global press release here and contact us today to embark on a transformative AI journey that will reshape the way you operate, innovate, and excel in your industry.

Generative AI Lab program

Our new Generative AI Lab program offers an inspiring, hands-on experience with the latest generative AI technology. Led by Deloitte’s Omnia AI team, one module offers an introduction to this technology tailored by industry and another offers an in-depth, customized journey for individual clients. The lab program:

  • Demystifies generative AI: what it is and how it works
  • Explores the technology’s benefits and risks, as well as its existing and emerging tools
  • Demonstrates how this technology is tackling complex business challenges
  • Shows how companies are adopting use cases for high-impact results
  • Facilitates a working session to help participants see how generative AI technology can work in their business

“As we approach a transformative era marked by a fundamental shift in the interaction between humans and machines, the remarkable rate of GenAI adoption by consumers serves as a clear harbinger. This ongoing evolution within our communities foreshadows a rapid and imminent surge in enterprise adoption, highlighting the increasing importance of this technology across various sectors.”

Jas Jaaj
Managing Partner, National AI and Data Leader
Deloitte Canada

Contrary to some opinions, technology is not taking over all our work. It will, in fact, open new avenues of human endeavour. People are still the beating heart of any organization.

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