Executive Sourcing Services at Deloitte Bermuda

Harnessing our Global Network to give you the exclusive sourcing experience you deserve

We are well versed in recruitment and sourcing

Our global presence

Understanding the industry

With other specializations including restructuring, culture integration and change management, we understand what makes a company tick from the bottom up. Using this knowledge base we are able to assess how we can source the individual who works best for you, and your company’s culture.

Leader in Transformation Consulting

Kennedy has named Deloitte the global leader in HR Transformation Consulting 
from the report entitled HR Transformation Consulting Market.

Costs of Incorrect Sourcing: Direct Costs

Hiring the wrong person can cost you.

Direct Costs Indirect Costs

The individual’s salary

Potential severance and legal fees 

Cost of finding a replacement

Disruptions in team performance

Lost leadership productivity

Management turmoil 

Client losses 




Using our team for your strategic sourcing needs ensures that you will have a sourcing plan tailor-made to your company. Our team is exclusive in the clientele it takes on so we can provide a specialized, high quality service and meet your expectations every time.

About Deloitte Bermuda

Deloitte Bermuda assists companies large or small, public or private. With over 100 professionals, our integrated approach combines keen insights with industry knowledge to help our clients excel.

We are dedicated to strengthening corporate responsibility, building public trust, and making a positive impact in our communities.

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