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How to become a Deloitte professional

Explore the pathways to starting your career at Deloitte Bermuda

Welcome to a place where you can develop, learn, and grow. As a young person starting your career at Deloitte, the opportunities are limitless and allow you to learn from experienced leaders and colleagues in an open and inclusive environment. We’ve developed five unique brochures for each of our departments with step-by-step guides on how to become a professional within that business area.

How to become an Actuary | Actuarial & Insurance Solutions

An Actuary is an attractive and exciting career choice, suited for those who want to develop their mathematical skill and solve real-world problems. This is a highly demanded skillset, and the employment opportunities are vast. In this brochure, we walk you through how to become an Actuary, including what skills you should have, which courses you should take in high school and university, how to begin studying for the qualification exams, and more. 

Download the Actuarial brochure

How to become an Auditor | Audit & Assurance

A career in Audit is one that is diverse, requires critical thinking, and the ability to work in teams. A successful Auditor will enjoy working with numbers and pay close attention to detail. Wondering how you can become one? In this brochure, we’ve outlined the four key steps to becoming a Qualified Accountant, starting your career as a CPA, ACA, or ACCA, and how a professional services firm can support you on that journey. 

Download the Audit brochure

How to become a Financial Advisory Professional | Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory encompasses a wide range of specialist services, and the career opportunities are endless. At Deloitte, we have a mixture of Certified Fraud Examiners, Chartered Accountants, Forensic experts, and more. The pathway to a career in Financial Advisory is unique to each person, however, in this brochure we take you through the major steps to consider when starting your career in the FA field. 

Download the Financial Advisory brochure

How to become an Internal Auditor | Risk Advisory

Now more than ever, organizations need the support of trusted advisors to help them navigate the evolving business world and imminent threats. That’s where an Internal Auditor comes into play. This brochure outlines the skills needed to become an Internal Auditor, including what courses to take at university, how to obtain a trainee position, and the process for completing relevant additional designations, like the Certified Internal Auditor or the Certified Fraud Examiner courses. 

Download the Risk Advisory brochure

How to become a Tax Accountant | Tax & Legal

A successful Tax Accountant is analytical and pays close attention to detail. In this brochure, we’ve outlined the important information for starting your career in Tax, including what to study at university, how to become a Qualified Accountant, and more.

Download the Tax brochure
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