Life at Deloitte

Lewis Lo, Bermuda

"I have most enjoyed being able to develop a global perspective in a professional context."

Senior Manager, Audit | Consulting

What do you like most about your role?
The best part about my role is working with a team of exceptional professionals and together accomplishing a common goal in best serving our clients. Engagement Team wrap-up parties are also a vital part of that process and a lot of fun. Our Engagement Teams include professionals at different stages of their careers and being able to learn from senior members and help junior members develop is also a rewarding part of my role.

What attracted you to Deloitte?
The culture was definitely what attracted me to Deloitte initially; the Deloitte professionals I met during the recruiting process all had a few things in common – they were extremely friendly and sincere, valued the people in their teams, and were all committed professionals with unique personalities. Having worked at the Vancouver, Montreal and, Bermuda offices, I can definitely see that the culture translates across the member firms, and that each office is filled with great people to learn from and to be around.

Describe your day to day role:
In both Audit and Financial Advisory (FA), a core part of my day is spent finding solutions to our clients’ problems. In Consulting, we may have a client who is interested in building a growth strategy and we would help them develop a presentation to their Board which takes into account strengths and weaknesses and then ideal businesses and global economies in which they may want to grow. In Audit, my team and I might be presented with the challenge of valuing a portfolio of popular Rap and R&B music. We would then review financial models and consult with global experts in this area to arrive at a value for our client.

What else have you been involved with since joining Deloitte?
Activities I’ve been involved with since joining Deloitte include the Campus Recruiting Committee for my University, Coaching for Professional Exams, Facilitating Training, Impact Days as both a participant and organizer, and Various Sports Teams.

What is Deloitte’s role in your longer term career goals?
My long term goals are to grow as a professional, develop a global business network, and experience new cultures and places. Deloitte is the perfect organization at which to do this because of its investment in its professionals and a global network of firms spanning over 150 countries.

What have you enjoyed most?
 I have most enjoyed being able to develop a global perspective in a professional context. In my 4 years with the firm, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with professionals from Bermuda, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Turkey, England, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, India, and also to travel to Vancouver, San Diego, Toronto, Montreal, Bermuda, New York, London and Dublin all the while building strong relationships and working with and meeting interesting people.

Name: Lewis Lo
Position: Senior Manager
Audit and Consulting
College Attended:
University of British Columbia
Degree Completed:
Bachelor of Science – Cell Biology & Genetics
Date that you joined Deloitte: September 2010

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