Life at Deloitte

Risk Advisory Manager Lorraine Mashiri shares her Why Deloitte CBC? story

"First world experience without the first world hassle.”

Lorraine (left) joins colleagues for a team-building baking competition during recent Manager training at Deloitte University

I joined Deloitte in 2011, soon after university and over the years, the access to a global network and learning resources have been invaluable instruments to my growth as young female professional.

My experience at Deloitte University gave me an opportunity to be in the same room with some of the greatest minds we have within Deloitte and get inspiration from the success of our leadership through fun interaction. This photo (above) was taken during a baking competition at the New Manager Milestone training at Deloitte University and it was so much fun sharing ideas with our icing spatulas in hand.

Why CBC in particular? I call my experience in Bermuda “ First world experience without the first world hassle”. I get access to the same client and industry experience as any other bigger jurisdiction but without the 1-2 hour commute to work.

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