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Our Bermudian professionals take on their new roles to make a meaningful impact

Deloitte Bermuda has a deeply embedded commitment to developing our people. We congratulate our professionals on their new roles and celebrate each person's unique strengths and contributions.

Jarita Vickers, Director, CBC Finance

“My journey at Deloitte has been a colorful one, a palette of surprises that continue to unfold and like anything that we set out to do in life can often take a different direction from your initial plan. Through working here I have learned the true meaning of being versatile, having perseverance, pressing through the triumphs, the trials, the success, adapting to change and more. All of these circumstances and experiences melt into one beautiful palette of color!”

Sierra Petty, Manager, Audit and Assurance

“My journey with Deloitte began when I was selected to participate in the Deloitte exclusive experience program (DEEP) summer internships in 2012 and 2013. Following graduation from university in 2014, Deloitte offered me a full-time position which I wholeheartedly accepted as it gave me the opportunity to be a part of Deloitte’s organization and continue to work with forward thinking colleagues whilst also completing the Canadian CPA program. I have the Deloitte leadership, coaches, and colleagues to thank for my development and success which has culminated in my promotion to Manager. I could not be more excited to undertake this new role at Deloitte.”

Natasha Trott, Senior Associate, Financial Advisory

Deloitte opened the door for me to start my professional career as I was fresh out from graduate school. Being a part of the financial advisory team has given me the opportunity to enhance my skill sets, develop a network full of experienced professionals, travel and give back to the community. I don’t think I could have asked for a better start to my career as I enjoy the work that we do and the team of people that I work with. Most recently, I was promoted to Senior Associate within the Financial Advisory team, so I am looking forward to upward growth and gaining more knowledge in the FA industry to further develop my career.

Congratulations - keep climbing!

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