E-Discovery services in the Cayman Islands

Around the world, Deloitte Discovery helps global organizations solve their toughest e-discovery challenges and improve their e-discovery processes, programs, and technology. We provide the full spectrum of information governance, computer forensics, e-discovery, complex analytics and document review services.

About our team

In helping our clients, we bring agile teams with diverse cultural backgrounds and in-depth experience; specialized technical and industry capabilities; and an innovative use of data and emerging e-discovery technologies to uncover possibilities that others fail to find.

Whether tasked with preserving data from thousands of mobile devices, or improving the efficiency of document review with new technology, we combine the highly specialized skills of our people, our commitment to technological advancement, and our vast global network to provide deeper, more comprehensive insights and smarter, more efficient solutions.

The complexity and volume of business-related data in today’s corporate climate means businesses in the Caribbean & Bermuda Countries (CBC) are under increasing pressure to understand the data captured during day-to-day business activities. The Deloitte CBC Discovery team helps businesses by using technology to bring new levels of clarity, integrity, and insight to cut through the confusion.

Deloitte CBC has more than 550 professionals with offices in the key jurisdictions of the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, the British and U.S. Virgin Islands, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Trinidad and Tobago and primarily serves businesses located in, or with interests in, the English-speaking Caribbean. We have keen knowledge of a variety of industries and sectors, with a specialized focus on Financial Services, Tourism & Hospitality, the Public Sector, and Oil & Gas. We have assisted several clients on a large number of complex, multijurisdictional litigations, insolvency and investigative matters involving banks, hedge funds, captive and reinsurance companies, corporate service providers, and special-purpose vehicle companies.

Additionally, our financial advisory professionals in the Caribbean and Bermuda region have diverse backgrounds and significant experience in helping companies with their complex issues. We have an experienced team of e-discovery, computer forensic, IT security, data analytics, and information system specialists providing litigators and forensic investigators with assistance managing large quantities of information on which cases are built.

Analytic and Forensic Technology


Our teams have access to dedicated computer forensic laboratory infrastructure, specialized forensic software tools, and forensic field kits. We are equipped with the latest hardware and software solutions to provide an efficient and appropriate response, regardless of the location, scale, or complexity of technology encountered.

Our facilities in the CBC include a secure, purpose-built e-discovery and forensic lab, and data center facility located in the Cayman Islands, serving the wider CBC region. Our lab is equipped with special-purpose computer workstations and other equipment, which is used in the extraction, indexing, and forensic analysis of data collected, and restoration or replication of application systems, such as corporate databases, email, and system backups. This lab also features logged restricted access, and a stand-alone, segregated and highly secure IT infrastructure, including a segregated discovery and data analysis network. Located in one of the most structurally sound and resilient buildings in the region, the lab is highly secure and has redundant power, water, and telecommunication systems, with sophisticated security and gas fire suppression systems.

Within this facility, Deloitte also offers high-specification, purpose-built server rooms dedicated to an individual client. These rooms can be configured and customized to exact requirements, whether used as a primary location for high-density production server environments, or for disaster recovery and continuity purposes. In addition, Deloitte also offers co-location hosting services, disaster recovery suites, and secure document storage.

Commercial investigations and litigation have become heavily reliant upon the collection, preservation and analysis of vast amounts of data to maximise investigatory and litigation success, and to minimise concomitant risk. The key to managing such huge volumes is turning the array of data into meaningful and actionable information. Using Relativity, our primary processing and review platform, our Relativity Certified Administrators (RCAs) combine data analytic qualifications and experience, forensic accounting and investigative skills with industry leading technology to assist clients and their legal counsel. Our professionals can design and deploy acquisition, review and disclosure work-streams specific to data types and repositories, utilising both sophisticated industry standard and bespoke software solutions to optimise informational advantage.

With the ever increasing demands being put upon corporate entities, finding ways to maintain legal and regulatory compliance and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations is critical to business success. We understand the unique challenges legal counsel faces when dealing with these issues and can assist them in the following areas: litigation readiness, records and data management, data preservation, data review platforms and legacy data remediation analysis.

Analytic and Forensic Technology services include:

  • Computer forensics
  • Mobile device forensics
  • Email Analytics
  • Data analytics
  • Electronic discovery
  • Data mapping and relation analysis
  • Social network analysis

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