Insurance Services in Cayman Islands

Over 45 years of experience  

Deloitte has been serving the Cayman Islands’ financial services industry for over 45 years. Our practice is one of the largest in the jurisdiction, with approximately 40 partners and directors, and over 180 professionals. With a separate team of specialists dedicated to serving the Insurance industry, we provide assurance services to numerous insurance captives of varying complexity, captive management companies, and retail insurance companies based in the Cayman Islands.

Audit, Tax and Actuarial services


Audit Services

Our dedicated team of local Audit professionals performs financial statement audits of a diverse portfolio of captive insurance entities.

We have direct access to and relationships with actuarial professionals through the Deloitte network.

Tax Services

Tax regulations surrounding the captive insurance industry can be daunting. Our Tax Services team provides our clients with the most current knowledge and professionalism to assist them in identifying and resolving critical issues.

Our Tax professionals provide tax advisory and compliance services relating to US income taxes for US taxable insurance captives or captives with tax-exempt parents.

Actuarial Consulting

We provide both traditional and non-traditional services to best meet the needs of re/insurers, ILS firms and captives. We develop customized and practical solutions to a variety of actuarial and risk challenges.  

Our global, collaborative network structure allows our actuaries to draw from the expertise of Deloitte professionals in assurance, advisory, predictive modelling and other specialist service lines, enabling us to provide a holistic approach to our clients’ most complex challenges.

We provide Assurance and Tax services to insurance captives of a diverse set of US and non-US parent entities or groups.

Other Insurance services

Risk Advisory 

Insurance companies face regulatory, financial, cyber, digital, and operational risks that cannot be ignored. We provide our clients with customized risk management, technology, and business process solutions.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection 

Deloitte’s Cyber practice is widely acknowledged as the leading security consulting practice worldwide. We help clients develop and implement cyber strategies to protect valuable assets and personal data, prepare and respond to attacks in a secure, vigilant, and resilient manner. 

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to plan and execute an integrated cyber approach to harness the power of information networks and enhance business operations without compromising security or privacy. We can help insurance clients meet Cayman and global cyber regulatory requirements (e.g., those related to the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) Rule and Statement of Guidance - Cybersecurity, Cayman Islands Data Protection Act, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)). 

Our dedicated Cayman Cyber team brings deep expertise in leading security and privacy programmes across large scale and complex organizations. We hold the relevant certifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (“CISSP”), Certified Ethical Hacker (“CEH”), and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, Certified Information Privacy Professional (“CIPP”) and Certified Information Privacy Manager (“CIPM”).

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity  

Our ISO 27001-certified Deloitte Resiliency Centre (“DRC”) has been the premier disaster recovery facility in the Caribbean since 2004. The DRC is designed to protect your people, secure your critical systems and data, and maintain the continuity of business operations.  

Our services include customized data suites, co-location hosting, secure resilience and innovation workspace, and secure media and document storage. Our clients range from smaller companies to multi-national organizations with significant technical and security requirements. We are a vendor and telecommunications neutral facility, and have connectivity options from all of the on-island telecoms companies. 

Regulatory Risk Services 

We help organizations anticipate and adapt to changes in the regulatory environment, and build better programs and controls to address the wide variety of regulations and regulatory risks. We work with clients and regulators on effective remediation in response to compliance events.

Strategic Risk Services

Deloitte helps organizations transform the ways they leverage people, third-party relationships, technology, data, business processes, and controls to manage risks and elevate business performance. Developing integrated, strategically-aligned risk management solutions allow organizations to make optimized business decisions.

Blockchain Advisory Services

Our team offers a suite of Blockchain advisory services to help clients address risks introduced by blockchains and enable organizations to harness blockchain technology for risk and finance use cases.

M&A and Valuation Services 

Bringing organizations together through mergers and acquisitions, or carving them out through separations and divestitures, are among 

the most complex business activities an insurance company will ever undertake and we can advise throughout the entire M&A deal lifecycle-conceiving strategy, determining transaction value, selecting the right partner, conducting thorough due diligence and closing the deal. From beginning to end, we align our services to address your transactional and integration needs, all with the goal of building value for you.


We provide insight and fact-finding to help insurance companies investigate and analyze the integrity of their business operations.  

Our clients draw on our skills to help conduct independent internal investigations as well as to assist counsel with entities or individuals that are the subject of regulatory investigations or criminal or civil litigation. 

Analytic & Forensic Technology Consulting 

We provide a range of systems and strategies to help clients prevent fraud and operate more efficiently, including financial disbursement fraud detection and prevention, systems for customer relationship management (CRM), records and document management, and electronic discovery in support of regulatory investigations or litigation.

Reorganization Services 

We work with insurance companies as they develop strategies designed to  return value to stakeholders. Our services include: acting as financial advisors and taking on fiduciary appointments, such as receivers, liquidators, or liquidating agents.

We have the most diverse services offering in the Cayman Islands: Audit & Tax, Consulting, Enterprise Risk Services, Financial Advisory.

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