2021 CBC Impact Report

Message from Deloitte Barbados’ Managing Partner - Ikins Clarke

By any form of measurement, these last two years have been extremely challenging for Barbadian households as COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our healthcare sector and has significantly impacted the socio-economic landscape. Families have seen a significant reduction in income because the main breadwinners lost their jobs.

In keeping with our core values, specifically ‘taking care of each other’, we at Deloitte felt a personal responsibility to assist our community. Over the last year, our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Committee (CR&S) and our people worked tirelessly to ensure that we stayed true to our WorldClass mandate - Having 100 million futures prepared for a world of opportunity.  We were excited to assist a cadre of young persons with efforts to find employment opportunities. Our efforts included hosting financial responsibility workshops, donating laptops to primary school children to facilitate their online learning.

We believe that educating and upskilling members of our society will impact lives and help break down social inequalities I am incredibly proud of our people. They have remained committed to the journey despite their personal challenges and the setbacks caused by the pandemic.  We intend to keep this momentum going and will continue to collaborate with our stakeholders and clients to engage our communities by offering opportunities for education and development. We will continue to make an impact that matters.

Message from Deloitte Barbados’ CR&S Leader - Lisa Gittens

I am often asked what is the best part of working at Deloitte and my response is always the same.  I love being part of an organization where giving back is ingrained in the corporate culture. 

In Barbados, we are proud and excited to have programs that support the global WorldClass initiative and also directly benefit our local community. We firmly believe that we can be a catalyst for impactful change and embrace the opportunity to do so. 

At Deloitte Barbados, we're engaged on the issues that matter across our nation and are passionate about making a meaningful difference. Over the past 2 years we have been challenged in making an impact under the restrictions of social distancing forced on us by the COVID-19 pandemic. But rise to the challenge we did!  By embracing technology, we expanded our reach in supporting at risk youth, provided budgeting and financial literary workshops to local community groups, made an impact on those faced with food insecurity and helped students continue their education uninterrupted when the country was forced to close schools. 

As part of a global community, we have the opportunity, and responsibility to make a difference by contributing to the society, building confidence and trust in the market and supporting our communities.  We will continue to strive to make a positive and enduring impact.

Our commitment to responsible climate choices

With the establishment of our regional WorldClimate Sustainability Working Group – Deloitte CBC has pushed its WorldClimate agenda forward, with leaders and volunteers from each Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda location.

In 2021, a Sustainability Policy was instituted which address all GHG emissions categories – Scope 1,2,3 for operations, business travel and the purchases of goods and services. 

We have successfully been able to achieve 33% year on year reduction of building emissions and our business travel emissions numbers, embracing increased virtual interactions with both clients and internal business meetings. We have begun vendor discussions for the use of renewable energies to be onboarded in the near future, as we pursue our goal of Net-Zero by 2030.

Most significantly, we have built on our operational success for reduced emissions, by investing in Carbon Offset projects for the emissions produced in both fiscal year 2020 and 2021. 1,846MT for operations and travel emissions were offset for fiscal year 2020 and for fiscal year 2021, our offsets expanded to include operations and travel and emissions from purchases of goods and services, with 3,017MT bring offset.

These offset projects for which investments were made included – Rainforest reforestation, Wind Farm sustainable infrastructure and improved cookstoves (for health and livelihood)

Our story progresses from being Carbon neutral in 2020 for operations and business travel, to being Carbon Neutral in 2021 for all Scope 1,2 and 3 GHS emissions i.e. total emissions from operations, business travel and purchases of goods and services.

As a purpose-led organization, we are demonstrating our commitment to address climate change through WorldClimate, our strategy to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030, “operate green,” and extend our impact beyond Deloitte.

Connecting for Impact

Our dedication to serving communities across the Caribbean and Bermuda region is evident in our actions.

Our leaders and professionals have taken time and effort to live our purpose and connect for impact with local charities, schools, NGOs and environmental initiatives.

We have taken deliberate decisions to invest in programs which align with our WorldClass ambitions and Impact Everyday commitment. These have ranged from pre-school and primary school literacy programs, secondary school student mentorship to collaborations with NGOs to provide meals and other needed skill-based services for the benefit of their members.

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