2021 CBC Impact Report

Message from Deloitte Bahamas’ Managing Partner - Mark Munnings

The past two years have been years of service to community for us at Deloitte Bahamas. Our nation weathered many storms, including the economic and social issues brought on by Category 5 Hurricane Dorian, and exacerbated by the current global pandemic. 

Despite the challenges before us, we embraced the WorldClass program, Deloitte's global program to impact 50 million lives as a result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Drawing inspiration from our governing purpose to make an impact that matters, we were able to identify unique ways to help our local communities. Through firm-lead programs, charitable donations, probono services, and the individual volunteer efforts of our professionals, we showed our commitment as a firm to create positive change.  

Over the past year, we have also been actively driving sustainability efforts to address the global climate challenge. We are happy to announce that our office is now plastic-free, and we have made a complete switch to LED lighting. Our WorldClimate commitment is to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 for our own operations, ahead of the 2050 timeframe set by the Paris Agreement. We also continue to connect and empower our internal and external stakeholders to create innovative solutions to help the transition to a low carbon economy. 

As we reflect on FY21, we look forward to being part of the change. 

I’m pleased to publish this report, highlighting the resilience of our professionals, to serve with integrity and compassion, especially in trying times.

Message from Deloitte Bahamas’ CR&S Leader - Contanza Adderley

We remain committed to reinforcing the  connection of our people, clients and community. I am proud of our CR&S Committee and our people, who have all contributed in meaningful ways to this vision. Our team of professionals showed determination and resilience in the face of natural disasters, economic uncertainty and a global pandemic. Although COVID-19 restrictions made volunteerism efforts difficult, our people rose to the occasion to find innovative ways to meet the needs of the less fortunate. 

From our Penny Drive to our Storytelling Program, or providing support to our local charities, – our people continue to make an impact that matters. 

As a purpose-led organization, we are demonstrating our commitment to address climate change through WorldClimate, our strategy to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030, “operate green,” and extend our impact beyond Deloitte.

Our commitment to responsible climate choices

With the establishment of our regional WorldClimate Sustainability Working Group – Deloitte CBC has pushed its WorldClimate agenda forward, with leaders and volunteers from each Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda location.

In 2021, a Sustainability Policy was instituted which address all GHG emissions categories – Scope 1,2,3 for operations, business travel and the purchases of goods and services. 

We have successfully been able to achieve 33% year on year reduction of building emissions and our business travel emissions numbers, embracing increased virtual interactions with both clients and internal business meetings. We have begun vendor discussions for the use of renewable energies to be onboarded in the near future, as we pursue our goal of Net-Zero by 2030.

Most significantly, we have built on our operational success for reduced emissions, by investing in Carbon Offset projects for the emissions produced in both fiscal year 2020 and 2021. 1,846MT for operations and travel emissions were offset for fiscal year 2020 and for fiscal year 2021, our offsets expanded to include operations and travel and emissions from purchases of goods and services, with 3,017MT bring offset.

These offset projects for which investments were made included – Rainforest reforestation, Wind Farm sustainable infrastructure and improved cookstoves (for health and livelihood)

Our story progresses from being Carbon neutral in 2020 for operations and business travel, to being Carbon Neutral in 2021 for all Scope 1,2 and 3 GHS emissions i.e. total emissions from operations, business travel and purchases of goods and services.

Achieving Carbon Neutral Status

Deloitte Bahamas remains steadfast in our WorldClimate efforts. Our list of environmental priorities align with Deloitte’ global aspiration to achieve net-zero by 2030, and we have made significant headway over the last fiscal to cut emissions, embed sustainable practices, empower individuals to act on climate change and engage ecosystems to address climate change.   

Covid-19 has heavily contributed to the reduction of gas emissions as virtual work became mandatory during the country lockdowns and emergency order safety protocols. We remain officially, out of office to date. As a result, Deloitte Bahamas were able to expand on sustainable practices such as: 

  • Increased video conferencing for both internal and external team touchpoints 
  • Reduction in business travel  
  • Lower commute fuel cost 
  • Replaced A/C units with higher energy efficient units, providing enhanced temperature control and central air systems
  • Began installation of efficiency LED lighting to lower energy consumption 

We are proud to report that our office remains 100% free of single use plastics. We gifted reusable insulated water bottles and hot/cold tumblers to staff to endorse this policy and assigned dishware to staff in an effort to reduce waste. We are currently working on implementing a sustainable policy to measure and ensure best practices are kept by our people. 

Moving forward, we intend to engage  ecosystems that actively address climate change and increase research and development to invest in meaningful market solutions to compensate for remaining emissions. We have offset our 2020 and 2021 emissions, by investing in Carbon offset projects. 

Connecting for Impact

Our dedication to serving communities across the Caribbean and Bermuda region is evident in our actions.

Our leaders and professionals have taken time and effort to live our purpose and connect for impact with local charities, schools, NGOs and environmental initiatives.

We have taken deliberate decisions to invest in programs which align with our WorldClass ambitions and Impact Everyday commitment. These have ranged from pre-school and primary school literacy programs, secondary school student mentorship to collaborations with NGOs to provide meals and other needed skill-based services for the benefit of their members.

Meet our CR&S Committee