2021 CBC Impact Report

About Deloitte Cayman Islands

In the Cayman Islands, Deloitte’s impact journey began in 1973 with a small one-person office. Almost five decades later, we are proud to be one of the largest professional services firms in the jurisdiction, with a broad range of service offerings, world-class talent, and a deep-seated tradition of giving back to our local community.

Over the past 48 years, our people have shaped our story towards becoming a recognized market leader and center of excellence in Financial Services, Technology and Public Sector. They have continued to raise the bar and excel in their fields, progressing in their careers, and driving our firm’s commitment to make an impact in our profession and society.

With a team of 18 partners and over 180 staff from 14 nationalities, we are determined to make an impact that matters through our work every day. Our people’s diversity and breadth of skills, backgrounds and knowledge, their values and integrity, and passion to make a positive difference, have truly stood out in FY21. 

Welcome to our Cayman Islands FY21 Societal Impact Report!

Message from Deloitte Cayman Islands' Managing Partner - Stuart Sybersma

Deloitte’s tradition of volunteerism and community investment has been embedded in our culture since our establishment in the Cayman Islands in 1973. Over the past 48 years, our firm and our people have lived by Deloitte’s purpose: to make an impact that matters for our clients, people and the communities we serve.

It is no doubt that 2020 was a true test for our togetherness and humanity. The world, our region, and our Cayman Islands were faced with unprecedented global health and financial crises, increasing social unrest, and severe consequences of climate change. We encountered a great challenge: to work closer together than ever in a disconnected world, in order to overcome obstacles, support one another, and help our community.

Yet, 2020 was also positive, uniting and rewarding. Despite being apart, we were enabled by technology to continue meaningful connections amongst our people, our teams and within our community. We made a record impact globally and locally by volunteering and donating like never before, strengthening partnerships, and starting new collaborations. 

During 2020, we celebrated Deloitte’s global 175th Anniversary and 47 years of history in the Cayman Islands. Thanks to the outstanding commitment and effort of our professionals, our firm sustained a healthy revenue and talent growth. We upheld our promise and heavily supported our community through our ongoing partnerships as well as with special humanitarian and COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts. We held our third annual IMPACT Week, and launched new Impact Every Day programs to benefit our youth and seniors, and help protect our environment.

Fiscal Year 21 saw our Deloitte family grow as we welcomed 35 new local and international professionals. Our corporate responsibility practices stepped up in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We invested over US$885,000 including more than 2,000 hours in supporting our community through many different projects and initiatives.

Stu Sybersma
Chair, Caribbean and Bermuda Countries
Managing Partner, Deloitte Cayman Islands

Our firm’s impact has and continues to be possible, thanks to each outstanding individual within our team – and family. Every day, we work to learn, collaborate, and strive to make an impact for our clients and community. 

As we enter a new fiscal year, we are driven by the resilience and strength of our Cayman team and our network in the CBC and around the Globe. We are inspired by our clients, colleagues, and people in our community who demonstrate every day that together, even in the most challenging times, we are always stronger.

Odette Samson
Corporate Responsibility Partner
Community Ambassadors Champion

Clarisa Pelozzi
Head of Corporate Responsibility
Community Ambassadors Team Co-Chair 
WorldClass Champion

Message from Deloitte Cayman Islands' Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Committee

Growing our commitment to our community

In the Cayman Islands, our commitment to supporting our community is reflected through our Purpose and Corporate Responsibility practices every day. Our partners and staff give back through pro-bono work, board and advisory roles, fundraising, volunteering with a broad range of charitable organizations, mentoring, and sponsoring professional and educational organizations. 

In 2003, our Cayman Islands office adopted IMPACT Day - Deloitte’s annual celebration of our global commitment to making an impact that matters in the communities we serve. Since then and for the past 18 years, our offices close for IMPACT Day, as our staff and leadership focus our passion and skills towards volunteering for local charities and projects.

In October 2018, our Community Ambassadors Team launched IMPACT Week, with the goal to spread our reach and strengthen our community support around our 15th celebration of IMPACT Day. During IMPACT Week, our staff fundraise, donate, volunteer, participate and contribute to daily drives in benefit of local charities. 

In 2020, the world as we knew it, stopped. The COVID-19 pandemic rewrote our story and changed, amongst many other aspects, the way we volunteer, own and carry out our societal impact. But we didn’t stop serving our clients, looking after our people, and pursuing our Purpose. In response to the needs of our global and local communities, Deloitte expanded our programs to "Impact Every Day“, creating a new worldwide movement with virtual and in-person initiatives for our people to continue to give back in a time of most need.

In October 2020, the Cayman Islands was in a unique and fortunate state of contained local COVID-19 spread, which allowed us to celebrate our third IMPACT Week. IW2020 set a new record in fundraising and participation. At the time of this report, our team is planning and preparing to launch our fourth annual IMPACT Week.

We are pleased to share some of our stories of impact throughout Fiscal Year 21. We are proud of the hard work of our Corporate Responsibility and Community Ambassadors teams, and of our people’s commitment to making a difference in our community, supporting those in need today, growing and creating opportunities for a better tomorrow.

There is still much work ahead, and milestones to be conquered in our global mission to create a sustainable world of opportunities, for ourselves, and for the next generations. The challenge is set, and expectations are high for companies, governments and citizens alike to take ownership and control of our societal and environmental impact. Our Cayman team is ready and excited to take on FY22 with a stronger than ever commitment to making an impact that matters.

FY21 community impact

During Fiscal Year 21, Deloitte partners and staff volunteered over 2,000 hours in pro-bono, traditional and skills-based projects, with a total value of US$464,983. We also invested US$420,711 in our local community, in the form of scholarships, and funding for non-profit organizations to support COVID-19 recovery, education, health, gender equality, seniors and other community efforts. Our practice welcomed 35 local and international new hires across our internal and client facing departments.

Connecting for Impact

Our dedication to serving communities across the Caribbean and Bermuda region is evident in our actions.

Our leaders and professionals have taken time and effort to live our purpose and connect for impact with local charities, schools, NGOs and environmental initiatives.

We have taken deliberate decisions to invest in programs which align with our WorldClass ambitions and Impact Everyday commitment. These have ranged from pre-school and primary school literacy programs, secondary school student mentorship to collaborations with NGOs to provide meals and other needed skill-based services for the benefit of their members.

Our commitment to responsible climate choices

With the establishment of our regional WorldClimate Sustainability Working Group – Deloitte CBC has pushed its WorldClimate agenda forward, with leaders and volunteers from each Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda location.

In 2021, a Sustainability Policy was instituted which address all GHG emissions categories – Scope 1,2,3 for operations, business travel and the purchases of goods and services. 

We have successfully been able to achieve 33% year on year reduction of building emissions and our business travel emissions numbers, embracing increased virtual interactions with both clients and internal business meetings. We have begun vendor discussions for the use of renewable energies to be onboarded in the near future, as we pursue our goal of Net-Zero by 2030.

Most significantly, we have built on our operational success for reduced emissions, by investing in Carbon Offset projects for the emissions produced in both fiscal year 2020 and 2021. 1,846MT for operations and travel emissions were offset for fiscal year 2020 and for fiscal year 2021, our offsets expanded to include operations and travel and emissions from purchases of goods and services, with 3,017MT bring offset.

These offset projects for which investments were made included – Rainforest reforestation, Wind Farm sustainable infrastructure and improved cookstoves (for health and livelihood)

Our story progresses from being Carbon neutral in 2020 for operations and business travel, to being Carbon Neutral in 2021 for all Scope 1,2 and 3 GHS emissions i.e. total emissions from operations, business travel and purchases of goods and services.

As a purpose-led organization, we are demonstrating our commitment to address climate change through WorldClimate, our strategy to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030, “operate green,” and extend our impact beyond Deloitte.