2021 CBC Impact Report

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Conference

For the second year, Deloitte Bermuda sponsored the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Conference on November 19th, 2020 hosted by the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC). Over 100 women attended the virtual event which featured international guest speakers and panels of local female entrepreneurs. In alignment with Deloitte Bermuda’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, accelerating representation of women and encouraging everyone to be their truest selves, both professional and personally. We are pleased to support women in Bermuda in their pursuit for entrepreneurship, professional development, and personal growth.  

Colina Outerbridge, Business Data & Policy Officer and Conference Coordinator: “We are grateful for the continued partnership with Deloitte for our annual Women in Entrepreneurship Day Conference.  Their support was instrumental in making the Conference a success.  Deloitte’s focus aligns with the BEDC objective to ensure that women entrepreneurs are supported to ensure that the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bermuda continues to be diverse and inclusive.”

Webinar Series | Inter Agency Committee for Children & Families

The Inter Agency Committee for Children & Families (IAC) collaborated with Deloitte Bermuda to execute a series of instructional webinars for their staff. Topics ranged from social media guidance, utilizing virtual collaboration platforms and more. One session covered the topic of how to conduct an effective board meeting. Hear from Paige Little, Audit & Assurance Senior, on her experience completing the Impact Every Day project, “It was a great experience to engage with individuals across many NPO organizations in Bermuda. The topic of project management can be overwhelming so having an open discussion on every day challenges that faced the participants allowed for us to engage and share ideas in addition to the points I put together leading to a well-rounded discussion and materials that participants can use in the future.”

Pimpernel Maria Preston, IAC Development Committee Chair, says, “IAC collaborated with the Impact Every Day programme to deliver 3 webinars for 86 social sector professionals. Topics were critical in the Covid-19 pandemic context: managing virtual meetings effectively; developing, tracking, and reporting on key performance indicators; and tips and tools for virtual project management. The expertise and time generously donated by Alexandra Thivierge-Thurcotte, Lee Wachira and Paige Little allowed individuals to attend free-of-charge. IAC is incredibly grateful for this in-kind expertise, support and investment in non-profits that Deloitte is championing.”

“Working with the IAC for my Impact Every Day project allowed me to learn more about the topic at hand and was a great eye opener about the charitable sector in Bermuda. The participants were friendly and engaged. We had a wonderful time sharing our experiences in the field.” - Lee Wachira, volunteer and Deloitte Audit Senior

Website Project | The Bermuda Audubon Society

Deloitte Bermuda staff partnered with The Bermuda Audubon Society to provide a review of the organization’s website. The Impact Every Day team assessed various website hosting and content management systems which would best support their needs for the website going forward. The Bermuda Audubon Society was provided with a detailed report to make their final choice.

Georgina Polkinghorne, Audit & Assurance Senior and member of the project team, says, “Working with The Bermuda Audubon Society was a great way to combine my interests and skills while making an impact in the local community. As I am new to the island it was also a good way to learn more about Bermuda and meet new, interesting people.”


About The Bermuda Audubon Society: This is a charitable organization with the mission to conserve Bermuda’s special bird life and natural  habitats. As part of their efforts, they acquire land for nature reserves and restore wetlands and other wildlife habitats. They own 16 reserves in Bermuda – including Seymour Pond. The Bermuda Audubon Society brings together those interested in birding and environmental conservation for shared information, educational field trips and lectures, camps, and other public awareness promotions.  

Digital Transcription Project | National Museum of Bermuda

Deloitte Bermuda partnered with the National Museum of Bermuda on a project focused on marine life and trade in Bermuda during the early 1800’s. During the Impact Every Day Project, our staff transcribed historical newspapers into a digital format for the museum’s website. 

Michael Checheta, Audit Senior Manager and digital volunteer, says, “As an avid student of history this project was very educational in regards to the marine trade in Bermuda, as well as the English language that was used in 19th century and how it evolved since then. I highly recommend those who want to learn more about the history and heritage of the islands to visit the National Museum of Bermuda”.

Elena Strong, NMB Executive Director: “The Deloitte digital volunteers have been enthusiastically working on the historic newspaper transcription project and are requesting new materials from NMB's curator to transcribe. These types of partnerships are so valued by our curatorial team and this research is essential for upcoming exhibits that will tell Bermuda's story in an Atlantic World context.”

International Women's Day Webinar with Leah Dean

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, Deloitte Bermuda collaborated with Leah Dean, Bermudian author, and leadership coach, to offer our female staff a virtual session. The event was focused around the themes outlined in Leah’s book, “Assemble the Tribe” - a reference guide for women to transform the way we build, nurture, raise the next generation and show up in the world every day. 

Leah is a leadership coach who helps women confidently navigate leadership roles and their careers within the corporate space with authenticity, courage, and heart. "Working with the Deloitte team was a pleasure from beginning to end. Whether we like it or not our work tribes, play a meaningful role in our overall health and happiness. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the Deloitte team as we redefined the importance of tribe in our professional lives and learned how to navigate relationships & expand our professional networks."

"One of the things that really stood out to me when working with the Deloitte team was their willingness to both reflect and engage in a conversation that challenged us all to rethink how we build our tribes at work."

"This year's International Women's Day theme was “I choose to challenge”. The day challenged us all to think about how we can support women and show up differently in 2021 and beyond. The team at Deloitte not only embraced the challenge but took it a step further by inviting me to facilitate conversations with their team and clients about how to challenge ourselves to build and navigate our professional networks differently. It's one thing to say you support women, but to back that up with action, that's leadership!"  

International Men's Day - 'Movember' Initiatives

Deloitte Bermuda celebrated Movember with a Mo-Bro and Mo-Sister team. They raised over $4,000 for men’s health by growing a mo’ all month long. The main fundraising event was a virtual baked good auction where our staff donated over $1,500 while bidding on sweet treats made by our very own team. We are pleased to support Bermuda Cancer & Health Centre through this initiative. The charity works to serve our community and build healthier lives, free of cancer and disease. 

Holiday Project | The Family Centre

14 families in need received an all-encompassing holiday cheer experience with the help of a $40,000 donation from Deloitte Bermuda. The donation was used to purchase vouchers for electricity, gas, and groceries, as well as children’s’ gift hampers for each family. Additionally, to provide a complete festive experience, a portion of the funds was used to purchase Christmas stockings and a holiday meal for each of the families.

The Family Centre was founded in 1990 to strengthen families and support systems to create a healthier Bermuda for our children. They provide early intervention services, counselling, and support services.

Susan Richardson, Director of Counselling Services, responded to Deloitte’s giving with the following statement, “You have certainly made our day as we hear of Deloitte's giving of  $40,000 towards 14 Family Centre client families in our “Adopt A Family” programme.  Family Centre staff are humbled by this gift for families.” 

Rachelle Frisby, Partner & Co-Chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee explained that “Staff were grouped into teams and assigned to specific families. They purchased items from a wish list provided by each family, including dolls, toy cars/trucks, action figures, outdoor sports items, games, and arts and crafts. Once the items were purchased, team members enthusiastically used their gift-wrapping skills to ensure that these presents, as well as stocking stuffer items, were creatively packaged.”    

John Johnston, Chief Executive Officer, Bermuda and Caribbean Region stated, “The partners and staff of Deloitte Bermuda feel privileged to be able to bring some holiday relief to families in need.  The past year has taught all of us the importance of compassion and looking out for those in our community who might need a helping hand.  We commend the Family Centre on its important work in Bermuda and are pleased to support its Christmas holiday initiative this year.”  

The Family Centre’s Executive Director, Dr. Sandy De Silva stated, “Deloitte staff have yet again shown their enormous generosity for those in need during the holiday season. They have helped to ensure that multiple families who receive Family Centre counselling services are stabilized this season through having support to buy groceries and other essentials, while also being able to place gifts for children under the tree for that special Christmas morning moment. The family recipients are filled with gratitude and, most of all, hope, to know that partners such as Deloitte in our own community care about their wellbeing and whether they can actually enjoy the holidays despite the daily challenges they face.”

Dr. De Silva adds that this type of kindness shown to neighbors is priceless as the ripple effects help to strengthen communities and thus the country. "Thank you, Deloitte, for being a special partner in helping to strengthen vulnerable families in Bermuda this holiday season!”

Connecting for Impact

Our dedication to serving communities across the Caribbean and Bermuda region is evident in our actions.

Our leaders and professionals have taken time and effort to live our purpose and connect for impact with local charities, schools, NGOs and environmental initiatives.

We have taken deliberate decisions to invest in programs which align with our WorldClass ambitions and Impact Everyday commitment. These have ranged from pre-school and primary school literacy programs, secondary school student mentorship to collaborations with NGOs to provide meals and other needed skill-based services for the benefit of their members.