2021 CBC Impact Report


The past year gave the world more—more responsibilities, financial uncertainty, extreme weather events, societal unrest and stress.

It also gave us less—less personal interaction, travel, entertainment, communal events and volunteer opportunities.

It was, more or less, a strange and challenging period for most people.

It also was an unusual year for organizations, like Deloitte, that are committed to helping people fulfill their aspirations and potential. To overcome the lack of in-person connections, we found innovative ways of developing and supporting our people to help them feel heard and valued. We also lent our professional capabilities and resources to the fight against COVID-19, while still advancing our goal of connecting underserved segments of society to education and jobs.


Diversity and inclusion sessions—and nearly all professional development the past year—was conducted virtually. Without access to temporarily shuttered Deloitte University (DU) facilities, we shifted to both formal online courses and a self-directed digital learning platform, called CURA, that gave Deloitte professionals access to a wide range of curated, customized content. These training approaches will remain valuable even as DU locations begin to reopen, post-pandemic.

Since the pandemic began, we have been particularly attuned to our professionals’ health. The pandemic has taken both a physical and mental toll on people in these countries and around the world. Accordingly, we have invested significant time helping Deloitte professionals better understand mental health challenges and address and reduce the stigma that’s often attached to poor mental health. Efforts to educate about and improve mental health have been delivered and supported through virtual workshops, podcasts and other communications, as well as additional chances to disconnect from work and reconnect with others.

Deloitte's global ambition


Our pandemic response did not derail Deloitte’s ongoing focus on working with leading education organizations to provide access to quality education and opportunities. Through Deloitte’s WorldClass ambition, we have impacted 20 million lives since 2018. More than 8.2 million individuals were reached during FY2021, despite the ongoing pandemic and school closures. The pandemic’s ripple effect, however, caused global education inequity, unemployment and the skills gap to worsen. It also disrupted the education of more than 1.6 billion students. It’s estimated 24 million of those children may never return to school. Even before the pandemic, a fifth of all children were not at school at all. Without action, the effects of a year of lost learning, development and employment opportunities could further widen social and educational inequity for students and adults alike.

With that in mind, Deloitte is committing to impact 100 million people through WorldClass by 2030. That’s 50 million more futures we are promising to change.


Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda's societal investments in FY21