Mental health

Enabling all our people to thrive

We recognize the importance of mental wellbeing in the workplace and the need for our people to know where and how to seek support when they are facing challenges. We also know how important it is to have a work environment that is free of stigma. 

World Mental Health Day 2021

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. The day provides an opportunity to advocate for, and accelerate, positive change for mental health in the workplace on a global basis. This year, we will be highlighting the journeys of some of our people when it comes to mental health. We hope that these stories will help to underline the importance of being able to talk about mental health at work - and that it’s OK not to be OK.

Cree’s story

"Why does being able to talk about mental health at work matter? It’s because we’re not robots. It’s become a cultural norm that, when you’re at work, you change into a ‘colleague’ or ‘coworker’ but when you try and fragment yourself, you’re not coming to work as your whole self."

Gerald's story

"I’ve noticed that being open about my experience has helped encourage others to open up about their own struggles and seek help when needed."

Brandon's story

"When you think about how much time we spend with colleagues compared to even our partners and family, the question isn’t so much ‘how can you be open?’ but rather ‘how can you not?’"

Mental Health at Deloitte

To advance mental health awareness and support Deloitte professionals globally, our organization introduced a mental health baseline in January 2021 that sets clear expectations in every country in which we operate. This set of requirements covers areas such as leadership education, reducing stigma, providing learning and support, and identifying causes of mental ill health and corresponding actions to address them. Each Deloitte firm has committed to meeting these minimum requirements and is being supported by Deloitte Global on the journey to compliance.

Deloitte is also providing resources to support our professionals and help them take care of each otherꟷfrom a dedicated podcast featuring Deloitte professionals and other well-being leaders, to learning resources spanning articles, videos and education sources. Looking beyond our organization, we believe that all businesses should prioritize the mental health of their employees and work to remove the stigma that still too often exists within our societies. This is why we are proud to be a Founding Partner of the Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health (GBC) which was established in January 2021 to advocate for, and accelerate, positive change toward mental health in the workplace on a global basis.

Deloitte is also focused on conducting research and publishing thought leadership on the importance of mental health at work, with the Deloitte Global 2020 Millennial Survey containing detailed information on mental health for the first time in the survey’s history. In 2021, Deloitte Global again provided vital insights into the mental health of millennials and Generation Z both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the critical findings published in a white paper.